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  1. Just spun one of today's arrivals, Simple Minds "Walk Between Worlds" Euro pressing (assuming Dutch as their last album 'Big Music' was pressed at Record Industries). Good album with a few good songs and less great songs so on first full listen I wouldn't put it in Big Music's league.....and that goes for SQ as well. It's ok but not great and also not the greatest pressing......so maybe it's not pressed at RI in Haarlem(?). A little disappointing after their fine effort with Big Music, which sounds fantastic. Currently spinning another postal arrival (it was a good day
  2. Here's my take on high 'new music' vinyl prices. Be patient and don't always want new things 'yesterday' as the price will always eventually come down.....but if one insists on being 'here and now', they'll pay the price. Example: I just paid $42 all up for Simple Minds 'Walk Between Worlds' LP sent from UK.....which was $60-$70+ when it came out. Or just stick to older music where you can pick up cheaper used originals or cut priced new issue's.....OR don't support Amazon at all on principle. Modern day slavers. There are plenty of other better priced sellers of vinyl. I also do
  3. Last night after a movie (common theme for me) and a few Scotches, I had a critical listen to a couple of SQ 'go to' LP's. Frankie Goes To Hollywood "WTTPD" Canadian 1st pressing and for the first time in awhile, Michael Jackson's "Thriller", Dutch 1st pressing (without MJ listed on producing credit, ie: the good one!). Both albums offer so much detail and superbly balanced SQ and dynamics. Just stunning recordings and pressings! Sound levels in the sweet spot were averaging 80+dB and it all sounded superb.😉 It was a fun listen.👌
  4. Very sad news.....he played a mean violin! Great vocalist too. This live version of JJ Cale's 'Bringing It Back' showcases all of his undoubted talent (in fact it showcases all of Kansas talent). His great vocals and violin are all through it but he 'goes off' on the fiddle around the 6:45 mark and again at the 8:54 mark. Now that's some incendiary voilin playing! RIP Robbie.🙏
  5. Purchased another copy of ELP's "Trilogy" after getting a full refund for the warped copy of this I bought a little while ago. This time it's an Oz 1st pressing with an 'excellent' grading.🤞
  6. I remember watching the original Jackass movies with my kids and their friends years ago and we all literally wet ourselves laughing. It was so silly it was brilliant! Now there's more! I know I shouldn't be excited but I am.😂
  7. My current TT is a replinthed BD3200.....yes, they're a bullet proof TT.👍 Now sitting on a home made isolation platform (probably not needed, slab floor but is next to speaker) and have fitted RCA and IEC power jacks......which improved SQ further with cable up grades. Note: Older pic, I now play with lid off at all times!😉 Apologies for derailing this, a vinyl spinning thread so.....last night after a movie I critically listened to a few albums, starting with: Jeannie Lewis "Free Fall Through Featherless Flight" Oz 1st pressing. Sh
  8. Harksound were a CEC sourced TT, made in Japan and then exported here but the above arrangement is entirely possible. CEC were huge in TT and parts manufacturing so it is quite plausible that they sent out parts for local assembly here. Much like a lot of our auto assembly/manufacturing back in the day.
  9. Last night it was time for "The Equalizer". As a fan of the original TV series starring the brilliant Edward Woodward (who can forget the 'Callan' spy TV series?!), I was sceptical of this film even though I love Denzel. Very different from the TV series but equally satisfying. It went places I didn't think it would go and I really enjoyed it. I found it a little bit 'John Wick' and a little bit 'The Professional'....a great combination! Thumbs up from me and now looking forward to The Equalizer 2.
  10. stevoz

    Tennis Talk

    Err, don't think so. Ash can dismantle anyone at the moment. Her all round game is unmatched. Serena is past it.....but if fit, would be one to maybe push Ash but no way would she 'obliterate' her.....she would be dismantled like everyone else has been in the last 2 years by 'The Party'.
  11. Pretty sure they only had 2 studio albums, Tin Machine and Tin Machine II? I probably should give the second one another listen.
  12. The first Tin Machine album is a beauty. This one.....mmmm (IMO). The band finished after this.😀 What do you think of it.....compared to the first?
  13. Spinning today's postal arrival, Supertramp "Even In The Quietest Moments" 1983 Dutch reissue. Like yesterday's arrival, a little crackly at times but should clean up nice and SQ is fantastic. This is my third attempt to get a nice early copy of this, the first two ended with full refunds. Looks like I might have finally got a good one! 👌🤞
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