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  1. Hi Matt,


    We crossed paths at a Classic Album Sunday at the Jade some time ago now.


    I have had Hawthorne Audio open baffles for about the last 10 years and enjoyed them immensely.

    Started with Performance Silver Iris and moved to Sterling Silver Iris, with two 15" bass augmentation drivers (Augies) per baffle. So, I have 6 15" drivers looking at me?


    I am in the process of moving to Red Spade PSE horns and bass bins, which I hope will be completed early next year, with Paul Spencer coming over to dial them in for me.

    I will have various OB items spare after that if you want to play around or that you could listen to if you wish. PM me perhaps if you want to discuss anything along those lines. 


    Another member here, "gremrock" is also currently building another OB using some Hawthorne Audio AMT's that I passed on to him.


    You really need to hear them to know what they bring to the table, and I can assure you, it is not anaemic bass, as many seem to think?


    Cheers, Jim

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  2. Hi Matt,


    I am kind of in the same situation as you. 


    I have been enjoying my Hawthorne Audio OB Trio's for close to 10 years, but want to know whether they are the best choice for my musical taste, which is similar to yours but about 20 years older.

    I too have a dedicated listening room to do what I wish in?


    Normally I would perhaps have just taken a punt on something else, but that can get expensive if gotten wrong, so I have decided to engage an acoustic consultant (Paul Spencer-Mr Red Spade Audio) instead. Hopefully we can get some actual measurements of both my current speakers as well as the room itself, to ascertain whether there are underlying issues that need to be addressed before spending money on more speakers that may or may not be better suited.


    I think that when this has been done, I will have a better road map for my upgrade path.


    Cheers, Jim

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  3. 8 hours ago, Gremrock said:

    Do you know anywhere to get your hands on any more drivers from them? About to build a set with coax but would love to swap out the radian tweeter for amt... can't seem to find any though 


    I have the first pair of  AMT 700's that Darrel Hawthorne produced, along with the Danny Ritchie designed crossovers in my current SSI Trio's, but after some time I found myself preferring the sound of the Radian compression drivers, so have gone back to them. They are still in my current baffles, but I will probably remove them when I do a rebuild at some point.


    It may just be my musical tastes that are the issue, I don't know.

    I bought two spare AMT drivers (minus the horns) from him when he decided to stop selling them, just in case I had any failures in the future.

    I also took the precaution of obtaining the passive crossover schematic before Darrel took it off the HA site.


    I am running my HA Trio's with a Weston Acoustics KT 120 Topaz amp, Rythmik Audio A370PEQ plate amps and a 4x18" IB sub, if that is of any interest.


    PM me if you want to discuss further.





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  4. I live in a place called Lindsay Point, 6 km into Victoria, but Renmark is the closest town, 25 km away :)

    Yes Luc, about 3.5 hours from Adelaide:thumb:

    Somewhat confusing no doubt.


    I really enjoy my Topaz with my open baffle speakers, which are about 95 dB. Plenty loud in a large treated room. Source is mostly vinyl these days, rock music, but also have digital front end as well.

    The Topaz has no difficulty with the VAF DCX 63 either, but they are about the same sensitivity.


    I am semi retired these days, so there is no real issue with timing, if you wish to audition at some point.





  5. I have had a Weston Acoustics KT 120 Topaz for 3 years now (as well as Yamaha AS 2100):)

    If you were prepared to venture as far as Renmark, I would be happy to demonstrate it, with Hawthorne Audio OB speakers or VAF DCX 63 (I have two mix and match systems in my mancave/listening facility.)

    PM me if interested.



  6. I have one of these also, with a Rega RB 301 arm.


    Had Johnmath set it up recently with a Denon DL 301 Mk2 cartridge and I have been enjoying it immensely.

    Not sure where he is currently. He was planning to relocate to KI I think, which might make it a bit difficult to prevail upon him in the future.:(


    Good luck/listening with yours.:thumb:

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  7. Hi Simon,


    Have put around 200 LP's through your US cleaner now, and am very impressed, both with the results and the thought that went into the engineering.


    I would like to know more about your drying system. I currently use a felt lined wand and vacuum cleaner, but somehow I suspect you have come up with something better:cool: Put me down for one.


    One thing that is not often talked about with US cleaning, is the potential for damage to records, not from the US, but from the handling process. Sometimes, the influence of age and err libations, makes us less dexterous than usual:hiccup I have had an occasional slip, but never damaged a record yet. The thought of manhandling a multiple record stack would really concern me.


    How is your new website going? Looking forward to seeing it when you get it up and running. I am completely sold on US cleaning based on my listening to date.


    Would love to attend, but work intervenes, for the moment. I am working on that:)






  8. Arm in use is a Rega RB301, which I already had.


    Country of origin is the UK. I believe SRM is the initials of owner, Stuart R Michell.


    I thinks it sounds pretty good too, but I may be biased:D, hence my deferring to someone more qualified to comment on the things that may contribute to that.

    In the tradition of some other other UK TT's, there is an upgrade path should one desire it, but the Arezzo is pretty good in basic form and will keep me satisfied for some time.

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  9. Yes. I have had one of these for about 2 years now. Listening to it right now in fact:)


    Just had John Matheson (johnmath) set mine up properly with a new Denon DL 301 LOMC cart. He may care to comment when he is able to (recent bereavement:(), as to it's measurable performance. He indicated to me it was quite good, and I am enjoying playing my newly ultrasonically cleaned records on it (thanks Simonon):thumb:


    Plenty of good reviews online also.


    If you feel like venturing to Renmark, you can check one out. Happy to show you.




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  10. I like where Simon is going with this, so much so that I have put my name on one of his units:thumb:


    Had a nice conversation with him today during which he patiently explained his rationale, and as far as I am concerned he is on the right track and has a good grasp of the issues involved in US record cleaning, and I am happy to support his enterprise.




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  11. Nice system:thumb:


    I have two of the same components myself ie. the A-S2100 and CD-S2100, purchased from Challenge HiFi just over a year ago.


    I did exactly the same as you with the volume knob on the amp, because I could not see where it was or where I left it at turn off:emot-bang:


    The only issue I have had is with the amp, going into protection mode after a momentary power interruption. Ended up having to send it to Adept Electronics in Adelaide, for a reset (at no charge of course). The tech was good, and said he would walk me through the process over the phone if it occurred again.


    Love the Yamaha gear and the amp shares duties with a Weston Acoustics Topaz when I feel like something different:D




  12. I concur with frankn.


    I have quite a few of Peter Grave's (Audioprincipe) cables, both IC's, speaker and power, and have some more 

    under construction as we speak.


    I think his cables are in a bit of a sweet spot in terms of solid, no nonsense construction, and value for money, although there are no doubt other excellent boutique cable makers out there. Peter is pretty well thought of around here, and is fairly local to me.


    Good luck with sorting out your hum issues. I had some unshielded IC's at one point and they gave me some noise issues as well, that went away when I replaced them with shielded ones.



  13. I have had both the A-S2100 and the CD-S2100 in silver/black  for about a year now and paid around $500 more for each item, so your pricing is very good. 


    The products have proved superb for my needs and I won't be parting with either any time soon. 

    The stand alone DAC function works very well with my PC and JRiver.


    The warranty provided by Yamaha on these products is also very generous and reassuring.

  14. Hi Norman,


    I have been thinking about your question :unsure:


    Whilst the dimensions you have given for your room sound pretty good from a square footage perspective, I would find your current layout a bit of a challenge to live with, but that is only because I have an obsession with symmetry :sorry:  :D I would probably have to resort to your excellent adult beverage supply in order to overlook this ;)


    If that were my space I would certainly be looking at bass traps, of either the DIY or commercial variety in as many places as I could put them, as well as first reflection point absorption.

    I have never had to deal with the sort of materials your room is made of, but in my many years on, mostly US forums, it seems everyone over there has a concrete and block basement that they want to convert into a home theatre, and are always seeking solutions to bass problems, brought on by the rigidity of walls and/or ceilings.


    There is a wealth of information on the 'net as well as in forum members here on this subject. Suffice to say, I am a room treatment convert these days, and believe attention in this area can lift the performance of your system well beyond what you may have thought possible, for a lot less outlay than buying new gear.

    I am also addicted to bass, so I need all the help I can get :thumb:




  15. Hi Norman,


    Thanks for sharing your system and room with us :thumb:


    Given your description of the construction of your room, do you feel you have any bass issues? I would bet your room would really benefit from some bass traps and perhaps other room treatments, provided you could make them acceptable to your other half :unsure:


    Where does the sub woofer live in your room? I can not see it in the front views, so perhaps in the rear?


    When I saw that Merlin sub, I was reminded very much of a Rob Evans (Electronics Australia) designed dual band pass sub that I built in about 1993 and still have, but have since donated to my son. It looks the spitting image and has a 12" Response driver from memory, of which I went through several during enthusiastic listening sessions :oops:




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  16. That looks very much like a Weston Acoustics amp (which I also have) :)


    As Rob has indicated, just remove those connectors, twist the stranded wire thoroughly, insert through amplifier output terminal holes and tighten firmly.

    Doesn't matter about wire sticking out other side of holes as long as it is not touching anything else metallic, like the amp case or adjoining terminal.


    Pretty sure spades would work as well, if that is the way you decide to go.

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  17. I feel your pain, when it comes to computers and/or software :emot-bang:


    Yes, I have a Yamaha CD-S2100 purchased about 6 months ago, and I did succeed in downloading the Steinberg USB driver

    for it.

    As I vaguely recall, I did have some difficulty actually installing and running it, and I did eventually prevail, but I am

    not sure how. It was not intuitive for me, but I fluked it somehow.


    I am reminded of the line "if I can do it, anyone can" :D


    My CD-S2100 sits adjacent to my PC and is fed using JRiver MC, with the occasional CD thrown in. Sounds great too.


    Good luck! You will get there.

  18. I am now safely back home in my lair trying to process the sensory overload that was my first audio GTG.


    Firstly, a huge thank you to Tony and Rhonda for their hospitality and generosity in sharing their listening environment with, in my case at least,

    a total stranger. I loved the room and plan to steal some ideas for my own :thumb:


    Next, thanks to Keith and Dave, who I have made some purchases from in the past, but never met. Two nicer guys you would not meet, and their 

    passion for audio was there for all to see. Keith and Dave were ably assisted by Anthony (Bear72), and it was a real pleasure meeting him also.


    It is a lot of work to bring gear from Melbourne to set up in Adelaide, so I thank you for making it possible to hear quite a number of the products 

    you carry, CH2 and BR1 speakers, GSP gear and Soulines TT, and perhaps some others I overlooked.


    It was fantastic to hear horns for the first time, both the CH2's and Tony's red things ;)

    The CH2's and BR1's are both great speakers and bring very different things to the table. I will leave it to others more capable, to describe their

    respective performances.


    Aside from the gear and music, I really enjoyed meeting and interacting with all the attendees, especially Newman (not his real name BTW :D )

    I have followed his responses on various threads for some time and had formed a mental picture of his persona, which turned out to completely

    wrong :oops:  He really is a nice guy and extremely knowledgeable on matters audio. I will continue to follow his posts, and now I can put a face

    to the name.


    I could have spent a lot more time yakking, but alas time ran out, culminating in a breath taking demonstration of the Avant Gardes. I suspect

    Tony is pretty happy with his latest acquisition :love

    My only regret for the weekend is that I was not able to also attend the GTG at Suresh's :emot-bang:  My apologies Pine Weasel. Next time hopefully.


    One unexpected fringe benefit of all this audio exposure, especially for an audio recluse like me, is that I did not come away wanting to set fire

    to my own speakers, and thought that they held up OK and were not total dog poo in comparison to what I heard :unsure:

    Doesn't mean I don't want some change, as we all seem to need that, but they were not completely outclassed, at least to these ears.


    I now also don't feel so guilty about all the surplus audio equipment I have stacked on shelves in my listening room. Trouble is that is consists of

    CD players, amps, DACs, turntables etc and no speakers. It seems I need to address that deficiency next :D


    Anyway, to all concerned, my heartfelt thanks for making me feel so welcome, and a part of your audio community.




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  19. I had the same "issue" with mine, and turning off the auto power standby function "fixed" it. I'm pretty sure it must require a change of input to register that the user wants it on -- I'm pretty sure a volume change isn't enough (from hazy memory).


    Thanks for your feedback LHH. I think you are correct.


    I kind of freaked out when it first happened, because in my exhaustive pre purchase research, which included the A-S3000, the reviewer returned his amp to wherever he purchased it because it did the same sort of thing, except after only about 30 minutes. 

    Admittedly I think it was the protection circuitry in his case.


    I would have thought it could be spelled out a little more clearly, under what conditions the amp believes it can go into countdown to switch off mode :emot-bang:


    This issue notwithstanding, I am really enjoying this amp, and it is sounding better and better as it gets more hours on it, and it does have a really

    good warranty, should it be needed ;)




  20. For better or worse I recently purchased a Yamaha A-S2100 integrated amp to pair up with my Yamaha CD-S2100 SACD/DAC.


    Awesome combination BTW, and allowed me locate the SACD/DAC adjacent to my PC, and then run 8m balanced cabling to the amp.

    This way I can keep the USB connection relatively short, and the analogue connection longer, but balanced rather than single



    Anyway, I had two shutdowns during the early days of ownership, where I was listening to music using the DAC part of the CD-S2100,

    with my PC/JRiver in shuffle mode playing continuously for hours on end, mainly to get burn in time on my new amp.

    Both shut downs occurred whilst music was playing and I was not switched on enough at the time to notice whether it had gone into

    standby mode or the protection circuitry had activated.


    I did as much online searching as I could, as well as speaking to someone at the dealership, to no avail, and thought it was worth 

    a try asking here.

    I reread the manual thoroughly, but the wording on the operation of this function is vague to say the least: "the unit enters standby mode automatically if not operated for 8 hours".

    The timing of my shutdowns was probably close to that, but I was not really keeping track.


    I have since turned that function off and not had a shutdown since, despite probably exceeding that run time, so I am guessing this is probably what has been happening.

    I am sure that this particular Yamaha "feature" is not just an A-S2100 function, and is probably something that is used in many of their amps and receivers, but what is not clear is how the amp determines that it should enter standby mode.

    Clearly, the presence of a music signal is not enough. I did come across a reference somewhere to "a user executed function" or something like that being necessary for the amp to know that someone still wanted it to remain on.


    Are there any Yamaha experts out there that know anything about the operation of the auto power standby function?





    Edit. Dam, put the hyphen in the A-S2100 in the wrong place and can't change.

  21. I am sure that the "techies" will be along shortly to advise you of the folly of this, but I will give you my opinion from a laypersons POV.


    Cheater plugs are commonly talked about on US forums, where they only have to deal with 110V gear, and these things are used to identify and deal with ground loop earth issues ie hum.


    It is a bit different here, with a (much more :( ) lethal 240V to deal with. I have to say I have used a home made version for my fault finding BUT I have better than average electrical knowledge, and my gear is in a place that no-one else has access to.


    No way would I leave anything with a removed earth in an area (like a lounge room), where people I cared about had access.


    I was very uncomfortable about having something in my system improperly earthed, so I worked on finding another solution, in my case audio isolation transformers,

    and was able to solve the problem and reinstate the earthing.


    As for the legality, I am no electrician, but I am fairly certain it would be illegal in this country to remove any required earthing.




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