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  1. Hey mate, just realized the gumtree listing is the same as this. Can you post to Toowoomba? Can we use paypal? I’ll pay you 425 to your PayPal if you want to make it a deal and cover postage costs
  2. Hey I just purchased a meier Corda Classic and Daccord (amp + dac stack) and they didn't come with any cables. I need to buy: 1 x 2-RCA into 2-RCA cable 1 USB cable 2 x power cables Any suggestions on where to purchase/ what to look for. I'm not into spending a lot of cash on cables I doubt expensive cables really add much to the sound of a rig but I more want good quality stuff that will last. Cheers
  3. Please don't forget to check the Classifieds Guidelines before posting this classified ad. You many delete this text from your advertisement. I just bought a Meier Corda Classic and i'm after the DACCord. Anybody wanna sell me one? I live in Toowoomba QLD. Open for trades with my current gear: HD650 + O2ODAC combo. Cheers Item: Meier CORDA DACCord Location: Toowoomba Price: $700
  4. Hey, I'm Sam from QLD. I intend to use this forum to buy headphones and headphone amps/dacs. I currently have an O2/ ODAC and some HD650s but now I have that itch that needs scratching with better gear! Cheers
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