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  1. The penultimate stage tonight a time trial...
  2. Yep, loki episode 6 was brilliant. Now we get some good old chaos into the mix, that's good news.
  3. Of course cables makes a difference... I have this cable made from cotton string, just doesn't bloody work - like hasn't even got the right connectors.
  4. High quality bike porn from this years tour.
  5. Sensei Cafad, I am very interested to know if the concerns about wattage are problematic... like does the t3i go loud enough for you? It's a sweet and neat looking vertical unit.
  6. Matrix Audio mini i pro remote, Feels nice in the hand, got more weight than its size infers, simple raised buttons and not too many of them. Quite thin. Overall a decent remote.
  7. Yep I am a +1 for feeling a bit of a let down with episode 5. A friend talked that episode up quite a bit before I saw it, and I'm like, really?
  8. Ineos pushing at the front for hours now and into the last 23 km it's all cracked up.
  9. I like the devious honesty about being mischievous. Trickster.
  10. Loki rocks, it's already better than Falcon and Winter Soldier, and easily better than Wandavision. Hoping Loki gets 10 seasons, 60+ episodes.
  11. Love my current systems but still enjoy reading and dreaming about new gear. Money is an epic issue for me. Exploring music serves my need for the "new". Still I do like the look of the Cyrus One HD or Cast... that's an itch I wanna scratch.
  12. I picked Cav from way out, his positioning was perfect tonight. Perfect lead out.
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