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  1. Hi, is the sub still for sale; would you listen to offers? Thanks Rich
  2. Afternoon all. Im a new member looking for a bit of advice. Ive been looking into an upgrade for a while and the time has come. Also, tax return has helped! Im currently running a Yamaha v475 with a set of 5.1 JBL speakers and a Pioneer Kuro 508xda. Probably about 60% home theatre, 40% listening to music through an HTPC, combination of FLAC, WAVs and Spotify. The plan, staged, is as follows: 1) Pair floor standers, budget 2500, thinking a pair or monitor audio silver 8 or similar. Id like a pair of sonus faber venere 2.5 but a bit too expensive. Suggestions most welcome as this is the area im most unsure about. 2) Hifi rack, Walnut, four level. Budget 800. 3) Centre speaker to match the floor standers and home theatre amplifier - Ive always fancied a marantz, having heard a friend's and quite fancy the SR6010 when it comes available shortly. Budget 1000 and 2000 respectively. 4) Turntable. Rega RP1, budget 500. 5) TV. 55" Samsung probably unless OLEDs take a dive in price. It'll be tough to match the Kuro... 6) Surround speakers 7) Integrated amplifier. Hegel H80? Rega Elex R? Budget 2000
  3. Thanks, ive got a few ideas in mind, will do.
  4. Afternoon all, looking to upgrade my fairly average hi fi system to something a bit more exciting and figured this'd be a good place to start. Richie
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