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  1. Very kind gesture from a top bloke. Still enjoying my Jam double lp mate.
  2. @audiofeline It's great. Ordering another arm board to see if that makes a difference. Coming from Scotland.
  3. Thanks @audiofeline. Just wanted some confirmation. I have another RB250 in the drawer. I'll take the weight and vta adjuster off the Cardas loomed one and put it on that one. It has a really light arm cable probably more suited. Thanks for your time. Donnie
  4. @cafe latte The cable is braided and really stiff. Can't really create much slack. Think that may be the issue.
  5. @audiofeline took the platter off and levelled the chassis. Put the platter back on and levelled the patter until it was the recommended 5mm above the chassis so the turntable is perfectly level. It is sitting on an adjustable turntable shelf.
  6. Straight through wiring. Single piece from cartridge through to RCA plugs. Thanks for the suggestion. Donnie
  7. Hi I just took a perfectly working and tracking Cardas wired RB250 with the Michell VTA adjuster and Technoweight from a Rega deck and attempted to put it on my Systemdek 11{Biscuit Tin} Balanced the deck and set the suspension with the arm on and then set the upper limit of weight recommended on my AT MC cart. I cannot seem to get the arm to track properly. Set up with a proper protractor and arm length set at 222mm. VTA set and electronic scale set weight. The arm is drifting to the outside of the platter really slowly with no anti skate set. My feeling is the Cardas cable is too heavy for this deck and is somehow exerting some lateral force on the arm. Tried turning the cable in the arm pillar but is wont move. Thanks for having a look. This is a really nice arm and sounded amazing on the Rega. I have two other arms sitting about that have geometry that will fit this deck but I want to try and get this one to work. Regards Donnie
  8. Item: Michell Tecnoweight Price Range:? Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: Looking for a Michell Tecnoweight to better balance my Audio Technica moving coil cartridge on my Rega RP8. Postage to Perth or pickup if you are within the Perth Greater metro area. Thanks for looking.
  9. If these were in Perth I would be sitting listening to them right now. Love my VAF DCX speakers and would buy these in a heartbeat. Good luck with sale.
  10. I have listend to one if these in a friend's hi end system. Insanely good. End game for someone. Wish it was me.
  11. Wrong timing for me. Saving hard though.
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