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  1. On larger (heavier) speakers and subwoofers, these diy cheapies were surprisingly effective. Made from contact glueing a wine bottle cork cut into quarters onto 1/16th of a whites rubber block. 2 saw cuts into the rubber at 90 degrees to form a cross, (think hot cross bun), 1/2 to 2/3rds through. The cuts made the rubber more compliant vertically and horizontally (sqishy) which improved its performance. Worked best with the cork curved side down. For lighter speakers, I would try to increase its compliance with more cuts in both the rubber and cork, and use 3 per speaker, 1 block at the back 2 in front (heavier?)
  2. Gidday Justin, just read your thread. The high crossover setting to your VAF DC-6 center could indicate one of the mid bass drivers aren't working or are wired out of phase?
  3. Did you first move the couch? The listening position determines the rest.
  4. ^^^ All great points! Move the couch to best match the guide https://www.dolby.com/us/en/guide/speaker-setup-guides/5.1.4-overhead-speaker-setup-guide.html Re run the calibration
  5. When I pulled the fuse from my Nord amp it was also larger than the value mentioned on the US forums. Would the difference be due to the higher Australian voltage?
  6. Thanks for your replies Richard. I'll check locally. Cheers Dave
  7. Hey Richard, I want to run a speaker cable under a rug to a passive sub, would something like your copper ribbon cables work? Any advice appreciated.
  8. Would the speaker stands look more interesting backwards showing the cantilever?
  9. Removing all the rake and raising the speakers made an improvement with a d'appolito configuration. I'm guessing it improved the timing between the driver pairs.
  10. From talking to a naturopath: Coffee contains antioxidants [emoji108] Where possible drink fresh (most antioxidants) organic (least chemicals) coffee. Avoid having coffee at the same time each day to avoid building a dependency. Avoid coffee later in the day to reduce its impact on your sleep. I think she said something about having coffee free days or breaks from it but I can't remember the details. ( gave up coffee and now only have the occasional social cuppa.)
  11. I'm guessing green to achieve symmetry using http://www.cardas.com/room_setup_main.php Good luck
  12. Hi Adelaidian's, I have a sub to try out in my 2 channel rig but I don't own a pair of Balanced IC's to try it with. Length doesn't matter as it's a passive sub. They only need to get from my pre outs to a separate amp that I can temporarily place anywhere. Any quality would do for a basic test. Ideally a better quality pair will give the sub it's best chance to impress and more closely reflect what it would eventually be paired with should I want to keep it in my system. Unfortunately the sub only has one spot it can be placed in so I don't want to buy a good set of XLR IC's only to find I doesn't work there. If you've got a pair lying around that I can borrow for a few days it would be very much appreciated. Cheers Dave
  13. Or Hulgichaudio Ella's.... http://www.hulgichaudio.com.au/ella-specifications.html
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