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  1. Thanks! I particularly liked the monochrome shots. I found a much-improved user interface between the Mk 1 original and the Mk III, and no doubt you found an even bigger improvement to your Mk IV. Although I have enjoyed the Zeiss (Sony) FE55 f/1.8 in the past I now only have an FE28 as a native lens. I really enjoy using a variety of legacy lenses on mine. Most recently I have been using a Leica R Macro-Elmarit 60 and I love the A7R's focus-peaking, with magnification to achieve a fine-tune.
  2. Those are great shots. What lens was used and how do you like the Mk Iv? I have the Mk III.
  3. One of the first LPs I bought, as a teenager in the 70s. I still have it. This album in high-res is sublime.
  4. I’m worryingly over-invested… Since taking delivery of my KT150 SET/UL I have only used my Gamut solid-state amp once, and then only briefly. I now find that I am using a multi-$k amp merely as a ‘solid-state support’ 🤣 for my valve-amp. Should I re-invest or are we in a volatile market? 🧐 As an aside, have you ever noticed how much Chet Atkins looks like George ‘Dubya’ Bush?
  5. To answer your question properly Matt, a 10 o’oclock level gives me acceptable volume, when using my Stereo Coffee LDR pre with its own volume at max (i.e. no attenuation).
  6. I have to express a purely personal opinion that there's an ugly pair of white speakers on the classifieds right now.
  7. Welcome to SNA Max. I remember Wiltshire with fondness, going to a nearby uni and gliding from RAF Keevil, too long ago now! I recommend the iFi iPhono2 or later units - the company is based in Southport. It's a very capable and flexible unit with MM and MC cartridge capability and various loadings selectable by dip-switches. It's also very compact, about the height of two smart phones and about the same width. I have just noticed your reply above. I had a Rega Fono mini before the iPhono2 and the difference is dramatic. I started with a Dual CS503-2 and the extra resolution and impact from the iPhono2 was clear even with that entry-level Dual. I am now running a Rega P3. There are far more knowledgeable people on here who can best advise about turntable choices and value for money. Having said that, no doubt my limited knowledge of phono stages can also easily be bettered! A worthwhile upgrade is to buy an Ikea Aptitlig bamboo chopping board as a support for your TT. ( https://www.ikea.com/au/en/p/aptitlig-chopping-board-bamboo-20233428/ ) cheers, David
  8. Anew acquisition, a McChanson SET/UL amp built by Eric Chan of Burwood, NSW. Lens used is a Leica Macro-Elmarit R 60 f/2.8. Focus stack of 2 (3?) shots.
  9. Very sorry to read this mate. May you return to your love of turbulence, they are generally thermals! Thank you for your good wishes too.
  10. I think I probably know who you mean - GW? My former clubs in Vic were Geelong GC and Melbourne GC, both operating at Bacchus Marsh AF and both great clubs. Enjoy your retirement!
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