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  1. Cartridge is perfect following a clean, many thanks to this thread! I used Lyra spt stylus cleaner, and now tracking perfectly and sounding great. Bass is also hugely improved, deep and tight, I guess the gunk was degrading things before there were obvious problems. Sounding wonderful, love a low cost simple fix.
  2. That’s what I want to hear! I’ve ordered one of these, hopefully will sort it out. https://www.flux-hifi.de/en/products/flux-sonic/
  3. That’d be handy to have, and inexpensive
  4. I’ll give that a go first, I’ve never done a chemical clean. Nothing to lose if the cart is done, and I’d be very pleased if it just needed a good scrub.
  5. That’s great, if a rebuild is essentially a new cart, that does seem like a good option! Ortofon had some disclaimer about the sound changing on their site, which had me wondering whether they could only rebuild to some extent. I’d be hoping a rebuilt cart would sound better than one nearing the end.
  6. It appears my Ortofon Cadenza Black may have reached the end last night. Sounded great most of the evening, then suddenly starts tracking poorly and sounding distorted. Stylus cleaned regularly with an Onzo. I’ve had this cart around 5 years, I’d be happy to be told otherwise, but it seems to be done. Question now is should I rebuild or replace? It looks like Ortofon will rebuild for about $2k, and local replacement cost around $3.5k. Is a rebuild as good as a brand new cart, or are there compromises? I’ve been very happy with the sound, and while I assume I may not do better for the rebuild price, that is also something I should consider. I have not been considering changing it, so I have to admit I an not up to date on current offerings. Arm is a Reed 2a on a Transrotor Zet 3.
  7. I have heard these briefly and really enjoyed the way they flowed. They look fantastic too, the pictures don’t do the polished concrete finish justice.
  8. Huge improvement with my speakers on a timber floor.
  9. I think the T series might be about to be replaced. There may be some new models coming, or discounts in the current stuff.
  10. One is volume, the other is channel selection. I was referring more to the valves and transformers in my comment though - power on the left side, and two channels of amplification on the right. that’s the amplification right in front of you, it’s all functional.
  11. I do like a form follows function aesthetic, and that’s what you’re getting with an amp like this. Everything you can see has a purpose.
  12. A few months down the track, and the problem is mostly solved. My wife found these plastic boxes in Big W that are perfectly sized for CDs. We’ve loaded two side boards and the boxes are easy to slide out and look through. There are still more CDs to find a home for, but at least a reasonable number are out of sight, and easily accessible. Next step is to put them in some kind of order!
  13. I’m also thinking that may help, but have not tried anything yet. Not sure if I can use Gaia with my sub as it’s a Rel on rails, but I could use some of their orea pucks
  14. Wondering which isolation platforms are recommended? I have mine on a HiFi racks oak rack with their isolation platform. This has always worked well, on my timber floor. I recently added a subwoofer which appears to be feeding back with the turntable (fine with CD player), and it has been suggested that I may need to improve isolation. I have Isoacoustics Gaia on my speakers which I have found to be one of the best upgrades I have done. Therefore I’m thinking of trying one of their Delos platforms, but before I do, thought I’d post here for thoughts. I’ve not found much info on the Delos in my searches. This is my current set up, the turntable weighs around 35kg
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