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  1. Hi Ray, these are custom build based on Troels CNO-25 design done by one talented professional and perfectionist if you are interested you can find more details in below link, scroll down to response dated 10-12-2015 troels builders response yup, they will be replace by R11, the only reason I'm changing is to fix bass response in that crappy room, can't do that with these and no space for subs
  2. one of the last sessions before they go 😥
  3. bit of fun bit of drama, overall positive Sunday afternoon movie
  4. I don’t use apple music services so can’t help with that but plenty of options for either local streaming or sub. services such as spotify, bluesound node 2i comes to mind as decent option, if you have your music stored on HDD and just need to use some device to play it than node 2i is good starting point, if you wanna explore sub. services than plenty of options besides apple music but as said earlier you might try the streaming from your iphone first and see if you like the streaming part of the journey
  5. Is the apple music mandatory? Your budget? if your amp already contains aptx you can try to stream directly to it from your iphone I would assume? so why not try it first?
  6. not even crap,it's trash....one would assume with such good actors someone did the home work and put some effort into it, but no....haven't seen such bad movie (not even talking about sci-fi) for a long time, pressing stop button after 15 mins says it all... I was bit sceptic at first but at the end I must say I was surprised, very good... and than weekend with Jet Li (Contract killer, Romeo Must Die, The One, Kiss of the Dragon, Hero, Cradle 2 the Grave and Fearless)
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