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  1. Arcam SA30, wish I had enough time to write down some impresions, but in short, the best amp I’ve owned so far from any class and price and I’m still surprised so little written about it even after Eisa award, I’ve owned bigher brother NAD (purify power amp with NAD streamer/player) and I’m still owning bigher brother Lyngdorf tdai-2170
  2. There isn’t perfect cable plug which would last forever that’s a fact so sure wireless charging is the future but I believe using just 1 type plug make sense before we get to the wireless charging only, with gan-fet chargers available today capable of 100w with size of 5x5x3 cm and multiple outputs one can charge several devices at once, if we could also get one cable plug for all devices things could get easier and most probably cheaper to maintain, makers of the devices could start selling electronics without chargers and cables as everyone will have some spare at home
  3. I think EU and consequently media confusing things, not charger but cable plug standard I understand the appeal of having just 1 cable with same plug capable of charging any device at your home and consider it as environmentally friendly on the other hand as Dave pointed out it shouldn't be too restrictive otherwise it might lead to recession in progress, I think it's too early to judge what it brings but I can imagine something like next gen USB-C to be sufficient solution for couple of years ahead
  4. beautifull 👍 , I had pretty bad seeing in that shot (like in majority cases here in CZ) , it's your thread so I would assume it's fine? when I was looking for HD925EDGE with decent mount and cam at that time I just couldn't justify its cost, went with TS optics Germany carbon 250/1000 tube as more versatile and of course cheaper solution
  5. this was my last attempt of the moon 8 years ago before I gave up on astro photo
  6. Maybe missunderstanding, I’m not trying to argue that high resolution cooled cam is better for high fps planetary imaging, just that cooled cam has lower read out noise then not cooled, didn’t know you have more cams 😉
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