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  1. Final price drop. I cover all postage and fees. as far as i have seen this is the hottest price in the Asia Pacific Region on a pair that still has more than half of its warranty available and has only been lightly used.
  2. that's like saying don't eat the tim tams that are in your stereonet classified listing - easier said than done
  3. "Amp manufacturers build their circuit topologies to certain tolerances and parameters. That creates the sound and outputs they design for"
  4. i learnt a lot about tubes from her (i assume "her"). she is great i'm going back a few years now but she responded to every pm i sent her in this chain of tube info requests for my wa2 quite promptly - ie within 24-48 hours. it appeared she logged on once each day and not like me - ie every time i'm in the loo, waiting for my coffee or food, just bored, etc
  5. A couple of tips that i pass on from my experience (based on what works for me): 1) quality over quantity. You don’t need, and won’t use a huge range of tubes so go towards the tubes that you think match up with your preferences the best. You may sell off o few that don’t quite do it for you. Some like to buy every tube under the sun. Each to their own. 2) if there’s consensus about particular tubes and what they offer or how “good” they may sound (say on headfi), the consensus is usually around the mark. Some people like to go off on tangents and get adapters to try all types of left of centre tubes. That never suited me but others enjoy that part of this hobby and that’s ok too - but not my thing that’s my 2c ymmv all the best
  6. A great solid and versatile amp to start with….or even finish with. (Unless you go to another level at 2x and more the price) i have the wa2 which is an otl amp and best suited with high impedance hps and it suits my hd800 very very well. No need to sell it or look for any other amp for my hd800 now you just have to spend hours and hours researching tubes
  7. Sounds good to me see @Wyd4post above. if the two of you can chat and work out how you split the $2999 i am happy to oblige Ps I’m reluctant to post “sale pending” though for some reason
  8. Luckily I can blame the OP for taking this off topic but, if I understood you correct, you already have two? If so have you dealt with a boy and girl and hence have covered two of the three options? (Third being hairdressser - geez, i hope i haven’t broken any rule)
  9. So apart from the twins idea, you’ve been there done that a few times already ahhh….you’ll be fine boys, girls????
  10. Congrats Ben on upcoming arrival. we never had twins, but just the one boy, when putting him to sleep me singing some creedence clearwater revival would quite often help. (Or at least it would keep me entertained and patient) Ymmv. (maybe the lyrics of bad moon rising might not be the best for infants/ toddlers going off to sleep but…..) all the best
  11. It won’t be as sweet as this deal A lot of thought went into this offer. Well actually, i just saw the tim tams sitting on the edge of the kitchen bench. It was either that or the packet of mini cup cakes. A no brainer really
  12. Hey - this might catch on i have bought tubes in the past, from a German seller (from memory) and they would come with lollies - so, hey, why not?
  13. I could get $1500 on the tim tams if it came with the genie that would ensure the tim tams never ran out - but then i’d probably sell the susvaras first
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