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  1. Further information: Popular great value cables. Thus listing is for 1 x 1m pair. Other pairs are in separate listing. Photos:
  2. Listed price is for one outlet only. 6 available. https://www.synergisticresearch.com/accessories/power/uefblackduplex/
  3. No, just putting it here because I can't edit the opening post to add it to the list. For the benefit of readers, it might be worth you outlining what you mean by musicality because it seems hat term may have various meanings.
  4. I just came across this new Acoustic Revive cable that seperates the 4 twisted pairs. AU$1200 for 1m. https://acousticrevive.jp/portfolio-item/lan/
  5. Further information: This is a 240v with US outlets. Rare to find in Australia. Triton v2 was Shunyata's reference model at US$7k new. Triton v2 was superseded by more recent technology that debuted in Denali and subsequently applied in Triton v3. The line up in performance terms is now: 1 Everest 2 Denali V2 3 Triton v3 (out of production)
  6. Further information: Shunyata advised these are not far behind Delta which cost US $1750 new! Venom does not have zTron tech. Photos:
  7. I dont know, but Dante 'clocking' might affect SQ. I gather roon RAAT addresses this 'clocking' to some degree. According to my research, and experience, it does make a difference. The manufacturers of Gigafoil and EtherRegen recommend to use cable as short as possible from the clean/output side of their filters. Shielding on cable matters, I have Synergistic Research Ethernet cables which have Quantum Tunnelled Ground Plane running from tip to tip UEF Graphene Shielding - 2 different coatings Atmosphere X Silver Mylar Matrix Shielding
  8. It is this ... https://www.tp-link.com/au/home-networking/access-point/tl-wa901n/ It is not physically connected to an audio device, except downstream of Antipodes EX as per: nbn > ER > fibre > Router > EX > Gigafoil > WAP > --- > endpoint. The EX has 2 Ethernet ports each with its own PHY and clock, which operate as a switch. The endpoint was Auralic Aries G1, but I just bypassed it entirely and engaged Devialet Pro Core Infinity as endpoint. I honestly had no expectations, but it took just a track o
  9. Cool. In case anyone else comes across this and is puzzled, this is a diagram of how Dante can be deployed ... This is a pro audio application, where there are many speakers in multiple locations so it is necessary to manage EQ, delay and volume level of each of them to fill a venue with decent sound. This is possible with Dante enabling 64 channels (depending on bandwidth and ethernet speed) and all the tools in the software. All this functionality is not really necessary in a domestic setting. However an advantage of Dante could be that it "uses audio-indep
  10. Why wouldn't you just go AES into an integrated amp/DAC with AES input? We are getting off the topic, however I just had a look at RME website and saw the Digiface Dante which can function as a switch although seems to do a lot more hence it costs so much ... https://www.sounddevices.com.au/shop/product/digiface-dante/
  11. I have quite a bit of SR gear. Mostly bought on US used market. I recently discovered a dealer in Singapore. I have had stuff come thru post recently that has skipped ABF/duties.
  12. Well, I couldn't get the access point open, so I put an ECT on top. There is small/subtle improvements, I certainly prefer to keep enjoying those.
  13. I solved it by uninstalling and reinstalling the app. It might have got stuck because I hadn't done the recent updste.
  14. Anyone else having problems with roon currently. Mine is not loading the app on android devices. I have tried restarting roon core, by powering down, and restarting the android devices, but no success.
  15. I've been wondering when this will come ... it was exactly 2 months ago I stated to Synergistic Research Andy Wiederspahn I was a little surprised SR has not applied its tech to creating an ethernet noise conditioner, like Active Ground Block but for Ethernet. Well ... they have delivered. This is from the website. Disclaimer: I am not a dealer, just smitten for SR gear. Ethernet Switch UEF 230v MSRP - $2,595 with included 5ft Foundation 12awg Power Cable $599 value and Synergistic Research Orange Fuse $159.95 value
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