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  1. Stick that lamp in there. Makes for a really cool lampshade.
  2. You can use any value pot for the B1.
  3. Any other information you can give us? info about the company? designer? Class of Amp inside? Anything about the design of the pre amp?
  4. Are you able to post a bit more info on this amp? I can't find anything online?
  5. yep that is like the one I tried. It does sound better on the Class D ICE & Starkrimson amp. Bass seems better controlled. Highs/mids are the same. ICE and Starkrimson is more to my taste. I'm no electrical engineer and the only thing I know about AC/DC is that it's a rock band. I respected speaker designer has mentioned- More metal= lower resistance between amp and speakers + more dampening. 10-12AWG is more than fine.
  6. I use approx. 4ga. / 25mm sq. tinned copper power leads and crimped 'O' rings for connectors and it sounds different on the class D starkrimson amps. Couldn't hear a difference on the Sansui AU-907.
  7. even $240 for a word clock cable is ridiculous! 2x canare 75ohm BNC crimp connectors 1 metre 75ohm coax cable is all you need. keep $210 in the bank. opps! now you know which side of the cable argument I stand on.
  8. good cable at that price. tempting but can i do with 95metres of cable?
  9. it's the design of a Quad Valve Pre amp Someone buy this so I can buy some MORE booze as Melbourne is heading into another lockdown.
  10. Yeah, Might as well let someone use this instead of sitting in a box.
  11. Further information: Selling due to moving and audio gear will be in storage for a long long time. Might as well save on storage cost. Looking fo a all in one unit under $600? this is it. Quad is owned by IAG who also owns LEAK audio (I think the Quad is similar to the New LEAK as specs are about the same. except for the DAC) This has been the best looking unit I’ve used and other family members had not problem using this as well. I was quite surprised by the performance of this all in one unit -easy to use and looks great and
  12. Did I read this on the orchard facebook group? I did try my starkrimson with a unbalanced auto former volume control and with very short cables. Not too bad. Source had a 100 ohm impedance. many years ago (15years) I tried it running balanced but was getting bass roll off. I think it had to do with cables and not restacking the core. You could try a transformer based attenuator. Most are VERY expensive. Ebay has some cheaper ones. or check out DIYhifisupply.com i did try it with a 10K stepped attenuator. I didn't like the sound. Sounded thin.
  13. GREAT SPEAKERS FOR THAT PRICE. @$piro I have the 202 and def. try and keep and eye out for a set I am so happy with the ones I got.
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