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  1. SNA Classifieds are a great place to buy. Sellers typically have looked after their gear. Welcome and enjoy!
  2. Yackandandah Best place name ever!
  3. Extremely sorry to read this Bill. Stay strong!
  4. Paying to watch TV ? No thanks. Don't have any streaming services whatsoever. Before Streaming, the FTA networks did deals with the major players and 'picked the eyes' out of the available programmes and we got to see them on FTA albeit with ads. Now It is so fragmented across multiple streaming services, you would need to be subscribing to a number of them to get the shows you like.
  5. You could try Speaker Hospital > https://www.speakerhospital.com.au/?_sm_nck=1 They fix amps according to their website. Whilst I have never used their services, I walk past regularly and usually have a fair bit of gear in there.
  6. Here's a review from Oct 2020 > https://www.gadgetguy.com.au/hisense-100-4k-laser-tv-100l5f/
  7. Hi James Welcome and Enjoy!
  8. I am running a 2.1 setup via Integrated amp & 2 x floorstanders & 1 x sub. I find adding a sub adds to the bottom end for the music I like. I understand how crossover works when used in a HT environment ie Receiver. But what does altering the crossover from 0-200 Hz actually do in my stereo setup? What should it be set at? Does the setting even matter when using integrated amp? Your thoughts?
  9. For anyone thinking about getting into digital, this is a no brainer. Simple to use via app on your phone. I still use mine and love it.
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