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  1. I used to have 4 posters on my bedroom wall - 2 Minutes to Midnight, Access High, The Trooper and Power slave. I remember my dad coming in to my room as I was putting them up and asking me "do you really need to have that crap on your walls" 😂 I think ripping them down was the first thing he did the day I moved out, wish I still had them actually.
  2. Project Debut Carbon is what I started with and still have, plenty of upgrade options if you want to travel that path. Pair that with a good second hand phono stage/amplifier and you'll be set, they sound quite good for the $$$👍
  3. Hey Guys, So rather than start another thread, I might make this a combined thread and include a pair of speakers into the equation as well, I had these in mind for the amp build. I had stored these away from my much younger days, an old set of B&W 2001 ZMF series book shelves around 1994 vintage from memory. Anyway to get to the point the drivers in these got cooked (too many parties back in the day) and I replaced the original drivers with some Peerless ones to get them going again. I bought what I was recommended at the time from the local hifi shop in good ol Ipswich (where I got them from in the first place). OK so to get to the point, I pulled them out today and lets say that the enclosures have seen better days, the vinyl wrap is peeling and the chipboard has swelled at the joints so I will have to reverse engineer some new ones. I popped the speaker out of one of them to have a peek inside and looking at the info on the back of the driver it states 8 ohms According to the spec sheet these are a 4ohm speaker. So my question, is the rated speaker impedance calculated from the whole circuit ie: driver, tweeter and crossover? Just want to make sure the 8 ohms is correct Cheers Jason I have attached the product spec for reference. ENG_FT00035_2001_info_sheet.pdf
  4. Anybody else noticed an increase in gaps mid song of late? It was really prevalent for me yesterday afternoon. I thought it may have been notifications on the device I was streaming from (oppo phone with no sim) so I disabled all notifications and then it happened when I was using my phone. This isn't an issue when I'm streaming Spotify from either device.
  5. There are a number of streamer threads that discuss this along with other alternatives. Grab a coffee and do some searching and reading in this sub forum and you should find what you are looking for 👍
  6. I have the Mk 1 version of this amp, it absolutely sings. The power delivery is just sublime! Do yourself a favour and buy this amp, you know you want to 😁
  7. Surely there's more to the U1 than just a power supply? I don't see how offering an upgrade path be detrimental considering the price difference 🤔
  8. Probs a little overkill for an office 🤔
  9. Certainly sharpen up my soldering skills😊
  10. That's the second part of the equation, this will be a second, small system. As I've started researching this it's become apparent that speaker matching with low power tube amps is a priority, I don't expect it to drive my VA Concert Grandes in my main system. I suppose I need to settle on the amp first and then determine what the speaker requirements are from there and if I'm lucky I can find something in the classifieds that will suit.
  11. Yeah, I did a bit of a search on exactly that today, some results said that OTL sounds better others that OPT is the way to go.....as with everything in this hobby everybody has their own opinion and the ignorant types like me who are trying to understand get lost in the noise
  12. What's the pros and cons of each?
  13. Ahhhhh Righto, that makes sense 👍
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