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  1. Thanks everyone for the comments. Some really helpful stuff in here, plenty for me to think about. Hadn’t looked at MI but I’m they certainly sound like a good option. Appreciate all the advice and PMs! 👍
  2. Thanks Powerglide. I think I’ve found an option to try. But appreciate the message. I’ve never heard a Benz Wood in the flesh but I’ve read really good things about it.
  3. Mate, that’s all that really matters!
  4. Gotcha. Yes that’s right about the load offerings. What should I look out for in terms of cartridge specs to make sure the phono can provide sufficient load?
  5. Thanks Andy. The iPhono is pretty customisable, so hopefully I can cater to a variety of loading needs.
  6. Hi team, I'm after some cartridge advice. I'm looking for an cart (probably MC but open to ideas) that can bring a bit of warmth and bass to proceedings, since my system leans toward brightness.. It's a bit of a classic case of having acquired components without considering their compatibility. I'm running a VPI Scout 1.1 and iFi iphono3 BL, into Moon Ace. Speakers are RP600Ms. Budget is up to AU$1500. Play mostly indie, folk and blues. Have had Benz (Silver HOMC) and AT (AT33PTG/ii) in the past and really enjoyed their detail and balance. But as mentioned, it's been
  7. Ah nice. Yeah the bang for buck is pretty good with these tables from what I hear! That’ll be great. Enjoy the new rig!
  8. Hi James, Thanks for the message. I’ve decided to stick with my current TT for a bit longer. Sorry I should’ve updated my WTB. Your GR looks in beautiful condition. Im sure you’ll get heaps of interest. Out of interest, how have you found the Technics? And what are you upgrading to? Cheers, Matt
  9. Item: Technics SL-1200 G or GR Price Range: Depends on G or GR model, but will pay depending on condition Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: Hi all, I’m after a SL-1200 G or GR TT. If GR, I would prefer the 1210GR (black model). But would consider silver. Negotiable on price based on condition and model. Cheers
  10. Item: iFi IPhono3 black label phono amp Price Range: Depending on age and condition but ideally < $1000 Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: Am going to buy an iFi iphono3 new. But thought I’d check if anyone was thinking of selling theirs before I did so. Pm me if so. Cheers M Please don't forget to report your post as FOUND when possible. (You can now delete this text).
  11. Fantastic. Thanks for the suggestions. I'll get in touch with Cameron as well, to see what he suggests. Forgive my ignorance, but @Powerglide and @xlr8or, what do you mean by 'a 2-pack solution'? Its the Scout 1.1. I bought it off SNA in 2014 Cheers.
  12. Hi all, The vinyl wrap on the corner of my Scout TT has pulled away from the MDF plinth. Has anyone experienced this with a VPI, or any other turntable for that matter? I'd like to get it fixed, but not sure where to go. VPI recommended I take it to my "local vinyl wrapping place". I'm in Sydney, and after a quick google there are a lot of car wrapping outfits, but not much else that would seem to be suitable. Any advice would be welcome. Cheers!
  13. Thanks for all the messages - this is now sold pending payment. Cheers.
  14. Further information: Selling my Ortofon 2M Blue with about 60-80 hours worth of listening on it. Snapped the cantilever on my Benz Micro mid last year and so this was a stand in until I found a replacement. Its had some pretty light use, I reckon up to 80 hours max. So in great condition. Will also include an Ortofon head shell if the buyer is interested. A pretty well-known cartridge, but I’ve really enjoyed the sound. Combined well with my Scout TT. Will express ship at no charge anywhere in Australia. Photos: PLEASE READ I
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