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  1. @evil c @AccuMagi Sorry for the reply late reply. I had a hectic week, with border changes, cancelled flights and a need to get a couple of family members back to NZ thus I had to put this on the to do list. My drop is no where as exotic as this thread really deserves but it is wet, cold and resembles beer. First night to actually try out my system since moving house yet again and I think I have it dialled in as well as it can be in this room. Of course the layout doesn't suit the wife so I may be moved into the loft space. And Chanh, moved to Melbourne
  2. Perhaps they are hoping that media release will ramp up enough demand to negate any discounting.
  3. Further information: I have been using this to great effect, however now using a power regenerator in it's place. Original owner. Some fine scratches around power sockets from plugging things in and out. Donation to SNA upon successful sale. Photos: PLEASE READ If you include any reference to pricing whatsoever in this section (excluding RRP), your ad will not be approved If you are advertising multiple items, you must post one bulk price only, or post seperate ads for each item If you don't include photogr
  4. Further information: To be honest, this hasn't had a lot of use. I have mainly used the inbuilt streaming capabilities in my DAC. I am also the original owner, purchased sometime in 2017 and it has spent most of it's life in it's box. It has slight discolouration due to the white plastic as seen in the photo's From the Auralic Website: The ARIES MINI Wireless Streaming Node is an audio component whose primary function is to stream digital music files from a source location to your home audio system. It uses your WiFi network to wirelessly access
  5. For me, knowing that Qobuz will be a legitimate alternative steaming option inside of roon lets me sleep a little easier at night. Especially since signing up for the lifetime licence.
  6. There is an Intel nuc in the classifieds right now that will make life easy for you. Personally I think the nucleus is the biggest Rip off in hifi right now. It is essentially an Intel nuc in a fancy box. The seller has even offered in the add to setup whatever software you like. That said, it's as easy as downloading Roon rock to a USB stick and following the very clear instructions on the Roon website. As for performance... I have had Roon core running on all kinds of hardware, I haven't yet found a difference in sound quality. When it comes to the endpoints howeve
  7. Latest Roon update broke the docker container's access to local storage, oh well. Since I can't be arsed mucking about with the server side anymore I just decided to reinstall it alongside TrueNas Scale ?. Which did involve adding the debian repository in order to install ffmepg. Restored from backup and now all good. It also broke my 64bit install in wine on my manjaro laptop, Since it's arch I'm used to updates breaking things. Updated on the HTPC all fine tho, also running manjaro with 64bit Roon in wine. Good reminder to have frequent backups everyone ?
  8. All upgraded here semi seamlessly. I run Roon server in a docker image on a Linux server. Various iOS devices and a few android phones and tablets as well. No issues with any of them. Only minor issue was with upgrading Roon on my laptop that runs manjaro, with Roon running on wine. I just had to edit the launcher files to line up with the updated Roon version number.
  9. I do know the bush fires delayed a number of Trains leaving and arriving into Perth. So that won't be helpful.
  10. You can set a delay in Roon if you have a device that's a little lazy. I had to do it with a bluesound powernode2 that was around 70 ms slower than my other equipment.
  11. Usually the you yang's. Although wombat is if I feel like a bit more xc. Then there's Harcourt. I did lake mountain last weekend and yeh... Good luck on a hard tail there. There was a time I just had a quick play at quarry park in Footscray and there was a crazy roadie there, on his road bike absolutely sending it. Was incredible seeing just how skillful he was. Ultimately it proves what you can get away with comes down to the skills of the rider. You only need to watch Ashton Martyn's road bike party on you tube to see what can be done on a road bike.
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