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  1. I'm in Victoria where are you moving to? Happy to pick them up cheers
  2. The primaluna just make sense to consolidate tube amp for speaker and headphone with out the maintenance hassle of re-biasing the tube every now and then. The last reason was always the main reason I always preferred SS amps. Also the impedance curve of the F81 was f...in up all the SS amp I tried. From 4 - 500omh depending on frequencies
  3. Stax SR-007 Mk1, SR-009BK, SR-Ω & Sennheiser HE90 It the only thing that power my Stax F81 properly. Plus the headphone amp is surprisingly good.
  4. They all box up, don't really use dynamic and planar no more since entering electrostatic. Maybe one day when I can be bother I will put them in display cabinet. All my headphone past and present listed below link Mach3 | Headphone Reviews and Discussion - Head-Fi.org (head-fi.org)
  5. Waiting for the DIY T2 which is better than HEV90. Plus the HEV90 can't properly power the HE60 in the first photo. 500V Bias voltage for the HE90, the HE60 uses 560V. Hugo the OP has one DIY T2 with his HE90. He sold his Aristaeus (HEV90 Clone with better PSU) once he compared the HE90 with his new DIY T2. I've msg him about the reason, he said the Atristaeus lack power and control compared to the DIY T2. Bass goes deeper, soundstage wider, higher detail/resolution, also confirm by Stax Mafia. Plus I have the Stax SR-Ω which was design to be driven by SRM-T2.
  6. The best closed headphone is the King Sony MDR-R10, very hard to fine though.
  7. The 006t needs the CCS mod to sound their best. Otherwise a lot of current gets burn up instead of used to drive the earspeakers.
  8. Thanks for the kind words. Really want to keep them but the next few speaker I have are all legendary static which I don't want to let go. Quad ESL 63, Tsax F81 and the ProAc 1SC.
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