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  1. Well well well...here we all are confined within a fifth Melbourne Covid lock down(...Ladies and Gentlemen This Mambo number five! One, two, three four five...Everybody in the car, so come on, let's ride!...) for one thing I canna get over how still and quiet the night here becomes with such a reduction in social movement...Ah sure remember the night moves (night moves)...aint it funny how you remember (night moves)...Funny how you remember (night moves)...Oh I do remember cars, trucks, barking dogs/motor bikes, parties late at night...lots and lots...but now it's nada, nix, nope, nothing to h
  2. This Aberlour made a lasting impression upon me...canna get a larger bottle...
  3. Hi @Mushroom01 No to your suggestion...I hate both Voodokark and Tackyquela...
  4. Ahhh that time of year again and another crop off my Blood Orange tree to juice...I canna get over their colour!...sweet!
  5. Thank you for that link @blybo...they are only a 10 minute drive from my place...very handy! Took my Delonghi in for a service quote...it was l-e-d-ing 'General Alarm'...seems like the heater element has carked it...(replace that heater and it will be good for another 10 years! )...They will ring me back within the week for my preferred outcome... Very friendly customer service...look professional...place is jam packed with coffee machinas...their own roasted coffee blends...and coffee gadgets... Was raining heavy when I delivered my Delonghi for service quote....but they made
  6. Not being 'smart' here at all...just curious...has those two chairs being used as stands made any difference in the quality of sound coming from your speakers?!?
  7. We talking about 'THE' Dylan?!? the Dylan when singing sounds like he is eating both potato chips and peanut crunch...that Dylan?!?!
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