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  1. She looks a little beat up for her age...bet she still has that 'sansui' sound sig...would not co$t too much to get her back up to spec! Some nice new smick timber cheeks! Value for money here...GLWTS...
  2. Amazing...never loses his hat all that time!!! I think I have found the right soundtrack for playing over the neighbours loud late night party noise...canna wait!
  3. Good mornin', starshine The Earth says, "Hello" Gliddy glub gloopy, nibby nabby noopy la, la, la, lo, lo Sabba sibby sabba, nooby abba nabba, le, le, lo, lo Tooby ooby walla, nooby abba naba....
  4. Yes!!! If the vinyls were quality cast I would be more interested...but...but...the quality is so varied and not worth the trouble and/or expense...not from me anyways... If I wanted to buy a product that gave me the sound of frying bacon I would buy bacon., prolly smoked! ..cheaper and tastier!
  5. Maybe...I'm not too sure about it though...the bigger the glass the bigger the sniffta...could be the death of me...
  6. Splurged out for a bespoke whisky glass from DM's...not used to large glasses but this one feels nice to hold in the hand... Will give it a sniffta test later this evening...
  7. Loverly unit...and an absolute bargain...GLWTS...
  8. Very smick! Canna beat a good looking set of speaker stands...they go together so well...like ham and eggs, coffee and dregs, arms and the legs...partners and friends of a great association...
  9. Hi @robmid absolutely appreciate you taking the time to write up such a glowing report on the latest, greatest up-to-date StereoCoffee LDR...thank you...whooo hooo! And I also appreciated the 'taste and try before you buy' StereoCoffee loaner unit freely obtained from your good self. Having the actual physical 'loaner' unit in my hot lil hands to play and evaluate within my system easily convinced me of its described sonic abilities (no gilding the lily here at all with your own fulsome praises...no sirreee...absolutely not!) and to confidently go ahead and order the up to date StereoCoffee LDR from Chris... Canna wait to receive my pre purchased unit
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