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  1. I don't get it either and I tbh I don't care to know. All I know is don't miss mucking around with multiple tiny adjustments setting up carts!
  2. I have no idea about the math behind it tbh. The arm comes with a set up tool which goes over the spindle and you pivot/turn the arm base until the stylus lines up with 2 points located on the set up tool. Then tighten the arm base and job done. 15 mins and a cart change is done and I'm playing music.......no kidding! I love it : )
  3. @Powerglide good effort mate. I know you have all the resources at your disposal : ) Hope you're happy with it My Wand arm has fixed head shell mount as well. So easy to set up!
  4. Have you considered EML tubes. More expensive however you get a 5 year warranty. IMO that makes it worth it. For 2A3 you can still find good used old stock ones easily too. Also not specifically with 2A3 but some of these over priced Chinese tubes don’t have a sound that matches the price tag.
  5. A phono preamp should be connected to a line stage/preamp
  6. @steven365 I have a .75m AU24. Pm if you’re keen
  7. Changing the value of the coupling cap can alter frequency. Not recommended
  8. My point is don't worry about it. How many Willsenton owners have had repair bills due to power tube failures? Bugger all. Mountains out of mole hills.
  9. A cheap metal oxide resistor which the R8 uses cost less than a dollar. I'd be happy if damage caused by a tube failure only cost that much. Dont worry about it : )
  10. Main point is to make the sure whatever cable you use isn't any heavier/stiffer than it needs to be since it hangs off the motor
  11. A mains earth should be added for safety reasons. Why wouldn't you for the sake of a piece if wire. My understanding is that if your tonearm is electrically connected to the metal TT chassis and runs a earth wire to your phono stage then you do not need to connect to mains earth via the IEC. If it's not (think the majority of Garrards and Lenco's due to wood/slate plinths) then you need to.
  12. Imagine if you'd just got Jupiters or Duelund once and be done with it. I reckon you'd have more money in your pocket than buying all of the ones you've mentioned. I'm just having a dig mate however it's true and you'd have a better sound IMO. The jump from the metallised to foil caps costs double but damn they sound so good. In fact the Duleund JDM can be had for ok prices if you get them on special from Parts Connexion
  13. Some leak some don't. Depends on the gasket.
  14. Further information: Purchased NOS and never used by me. I no longer have the preamp these were spares for Photos:
  15. Further information: Purchased for a preamp I no longer own. I loved the other Ceco 01A's so got these as spares Photos:
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