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  1. In a week or so I will be visiting Terry at GC Hifi. I'll take my Innuos Zen Mini and LM dac and we'll do a bit of mucking round with different combo's and also listen to a streamer/dac combo or two Hopefully I'll have a better idea of what I need to do after that. Stand by.
  2. Are you asking if it matters wether you’re listening to music or not before biasing?
  3. @Silent Screamer are you sure those green caps aren't resistors? Talk to Nigel at Speaker Bug if you need some help. He's not that far from you
  4. Glad you're happy with the Bluesound. I think I would be disappointed after the Innuos Zen Mini and Line Magnetic dac though.
  5. Hard to know Cliff.....uh S$!t I mean Clive. I mean there are so many variables and I guess its just finding something that satisfies me. Easier said than done haha
  6. @qik_shift Below is copied and pasted from a different forum. This will answer your question about low imp carts with trans imp phono stages. J Carr: Resistance is one of those things that is easy to mis-construe unless everyone discussing the topic is very clear (even verbose) with the terminology. Higher capacitance values should be paired with lower resistance values, and vice versa. The loading resistor value is placed across the phono cartridge's output terminals, which means that any output voltage produced by the cartridge will be forced to flow
  7. I think it will differ on different brands but still worthwhile. I use an Air Tight ATE-2005 which is trans impedance One that works very well indeed is the Benz Ebony L 0.26mV and 3.5ohm.
  8. @maximus thanks for your comments. I have no plans to use it as a pre but of course I'll try it now you've mentioned it. Stiff competition in my Herron pre though.
  9. Not that one but I have a rack of silence and its excellent. Suggest you aim for that if you can
  10. I've owned 4 Benz carts and never an issue either. None were Gliders though
  11. Good idea if home trial is available. Auditioning in a shop is near useless IMO
  12. Perhaps I should finally start my own thread Cam
  13. Prerequisite is streamer and dac in one box. But thanks for the suggestion
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