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  1. How did the MR Cabs hold up against the Napa Steve?
  2. Indeed, I bought my last 6 pack through them for $58ish a bottle, will be keeping a keen eye out for more🤙
  3. Here’s to all the little things 🥂 Amazing Aussie bubbles, latest vintage and it is a bloody stunner, absolutely worth tracking down. It can be had from quite a few DMs, I’d recommend the 09 over the 08 if it’s in stock though, well worth the extra search.
  4. I’ve not tried it Steve, will go grab some!
  5. I’m pickin up whatcha puttin down, all very good points🤙 😉
  6. I’ve not seen that winery before Steve, surely driven past it though, is it worth a look?
  7. Looks great Steve! Nice to see some blue sky in Perth too👌
  8. It was a bloody great, jammy fruit bomb, perfect profile to introduce as the evening progressed.. All of these wines were really nice and liked by all, although the Sorby Adams is not even remotely worth the asking price (which is nowhere near what I would or did pay) and that was the general consensus as well, it’s not a bad wine but it’s not a $150 wine, not by a long shot.
  9. Just trying to get some closure on the Sunday session 😉 😁
  10. Haha, It sure is one of a kind, only took 9 months 🤣
  11. Start the evening with this while listening to Ben Harper on vinyl, not a bad way to kick it off. A big SauvIgnon Blanc this one, lots of spicy oak and some very interesting aromas and flavours that I’m finding quite unique, a very interesting and delicious wine. A slight touch of that Sauternes style aroma coming through too if that’s your thing.
  12. Not a bad trip Dave 🤙
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