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  1. What an amazing night of wine!!
  2. This is much nicer than the last one of these I had, nice to try some aged Swan Valley/Dwellingup vino.
  3. Beautiful night in Perth tonight
  4. Much appreciation from me too! Thanks to all at Douglas for putting on such a great and generous evening, top class lads 👌
  5. Hibachi and Heytesbury, sweet as🤙
  6. Day two for these, Chablis has amazing length and really developed as time passed. The MH is nice but overpowered and out of balance with a little too much French oak/ pencil shavings.
  7. Chillin with a bottle this and some tunes tonight, good times🤙
  8. Cheers Steve, Ive grabbed a few from the last two or three vintages but yet to crack one. A couple of older ones as well, I might have to bring one of those over some time.
  9. Mendes, I know that you have a preference for the King of wines but I’m very keen go know you thoughts on this particular Queen of 16 🍷😃
  10. Gday Mark, glad to see you join the club mate🤙 Will try catch up tomorrow
  11. He is a lucky bugger, happy birthday to him!🤙 😀
  12. Sunday session and happy with all of these libations 👌
  13. Dropping a MR Shiraz too tonight
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