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  1. If anyone is interested, I have a silver Hugo2 I'll be listing for sale soon Send me a PM
  2. Apple calls both 16-bit and 24-bit 44.1kHz 'Lossless'. Amazon calls 16/44.1 "HD" and 24/44.1 "Ultra HD". It's just a marketing difference. Below is Distances on Apple Music (exactly the same 24/44.1 that Amazon calls UltraHD)
  3. If you press on the album quality in the Amazon Music HD app it will tell you the quality. See attached example for "Distances" - it is 24/44.1. Nice album btw! Just playing now. The Ultra HD name is just a random name Amazon came up with. The actual format of the music is equivalent to what Apple has called 'Lossless'. If you see Amazon's description for UltraHD it also mentions 'Lossless'. The Amazon and Apple Music libraries are very similar when you dig deeper in the comparisons.
  4. Cheers. All 3 of those are in Apple Music Lossless. I'm always curious to see any big differences in the catalogues between the big streaming services.
  5. Yep it's definitely here. Playing at my end too. Worthy of front page news ! Everything is output to 24bit/192kHz to my USB DAC interestingly. Regardless what sample rate the album is, all is output (upsampled?) to 24/192.
  6. Wowza, this is big news if true. I'll try myself soon.
  7. @Marc Regarding "Steve Boom, vice president of Amazon Music, told StereoNET:" Can StereoNet ask Steve Boom when Amazon Music HD is coming to Oz?
  8. Hi Mr. Gineer Was thinking about listing my Lambo. Will send PM to discuss.
  9. Both PS Audio LANRover and StarTech are re-branded ICRON design: https://www.icronshop.com/icron-brand/icron-ranger-2301ge-lan The StarTech model you linked is for direct connections, ot can't work via a switch/router. This ICRON one I linked is the LAN model like PS Audio LANRover is - they can work through a switch/router. All are a nice way to benefit from ethernet isolation. Just need to have a nice low noise 5Vdc PSU on the 'receiver' unit.
  10. https://intona.eu/en/products/7055-b Their original isolator wasn't made with audiophile use specifically in mind. New model linked above is more audiophile than their original model, using ultra low noise regulators now etc.
  11. Is this the Stealth Edition? 😁 Photos came out solid black on my end? Great DAC and Headamp btw and great price.
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