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  1. I would imagine this is a bargain, the TT appears to be well made and engineered.👍
  2. I would imagine these beasts would be the endgame for us all. I guess not for Marc😉. I still have have a pair of Classe Audio M-1000 and they still drive my 1996 SF Extremas beautifully. Lots of midrange and bass, solid as. However when I listen to vocals, I prefer to drive them with my K150 valves, not as solid the bass is , but the top and mid range is so luscious, sweet and smooth. GTWTS mate. Whoever buys these beasts will be a proud member of the top order.
  3. 🤔 every tempting but how I could move these beasts up 3 flights of stairs at front of the house🤔 would need a crane. Anway, would be logistically nightmarish and expensive. GLWTS. I was nearly squeezing my wallets to buy a pair of these beasts when I auditioned them at Sydney's Audio Connection may years ago. Josef was still around then May The Lord Bless His Soul🙏. He was mentoring me into what is TRUE hifi music reproduction.
  4. I don't think there is anything wrong with the price but it is just a bad time for us all in NSW. GLWTS for this LEGENDARY masterpiece.
  5. Lovely AND tru bargainy piece. I would but have been turned away from the power and pre separates lately.
  6. I have the Extrema and still love them so much after 25 years. These would be my change of heart if I could afford them 😞 Only 35 pairs for the 35 blessed owners in the world of 7 billions
  7. Hi alcarp Interested. How old are those upgraded tubes? Cheers from Hien.
  8. 22K hmm... bit north of my allowance ... I have to sit the Mistress of Finance down and have a heart-2-heart conversation
  9. Thanks heaps to @@Bruce and @LT. I still in love with the Extremas. But wanting to try some thing different full range while the Mistress of Finance blesses me
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