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  1. Form and function, beautiful. If you are selling this, what are you keeping to placate SHMBO
  2. welcome @off-tha-grid, i had the same system for 24yrs till component failure, not repairable, forced the changes, which i will not mention
  3. i bought these second hand a couple of years ago, there were none available back then, not sure if they are still producing, or whether they sold out due to price/quality
  4. @RePete,the start of my post, Wlid Burro Betsy K, 8" full range drivers.
  5. Using the Quintet blue on my Rega Planar 2 with RB250 arm, its affordable, but i would view it as well above entry level. Have had mine for a couple of years, a well balanced cartridge, on my system, detailed but smooth non fatiguing highs, mids neutral, solid bass.
  6. Wild Burro Betsy K build No5, final iteration for these speakers, have tried open baffle, omni directional x 3 and now the final build, sounding superb in my study with Sansui 331 reciever and Marantz CD52mkII SE
  7. Hi @GavD, had simular experiences. My long term amp died in 2006, bought a new amp, speakers sounded terrible, ended up buying new speakers, this was mismatched with amp, changed a few amps till i got it right. Recently built some speakers, 8" full range with no crossover, my $3000+ amp makes them sound terrible, move them to the study, hooked up to a Sansui 331 reciever (1972) and a 90's Marantz CD player, sound superb. There is something special about old amps, but thats not saying there are brilliant newer amps.
  8. when i think of Masters Apprentices, this i feel is their defining album, have original pressing and 2011 reissue
  9. welcome, the informed decisions can become indecision, enjoy the site
  10. welcome from another David, new gear is always exciting, enjoy SNA
  11. welcome lurker to the other side, enjoy the access
  12. welcome, impressive music room, enjoy SNA
  13. welcome, best stereo forum to be in, enjoy
  14. welcome from another David, hope you enjoy your time on SNA
  15. Hey @andyr, does this mean that the guy in WA is disingenuous with his comments by your standards, or is he calling it as he sees it, i.e. his opinion. My quotes was basically saying what you agree with now in the previous post" your paying for pleasure not what you can measure". My apologies to you @blakey72 for this intrusion.
  16. i have used an ortofon 2M Bronze on a Rega Planar 2 with a Moth/Rega 3 point mounting arm, prefered mine with 6mm spacing, 4mm was just ok. Changed to an Otrofon Quintet Blue MC for simular money, has been in the system longer than the Bronze
  17. hard to be disingenuous about what one is hearing, but easy for others to comment on
  18. Hey Andy, i vaguely remember reading a stereophile review that went something like this, how can an amp with such specs sound so good, i realised its in the perception of the individual listening, not the specs
  19. Ortofon 2M blue as a minimum in ortofon cartridges, others will have different favourites
  20. Sounds like your dream is coming to fruition, enjoy and, Exposure back in the mix, nice
  21. I had the Leema Pulse III which was a great amp, sent it to Queensland for our own @Cafad to review, he prefered the Pulse to the Pulse III. This is a great amp at an excellent price, it is not speaker fussy and sounds more powerful than the stated output, GLWTS
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