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  1. Some AVR's may only have limited 4K inputs, i.e. Input 1 & 2 support full 4K passthrough, but inputs 3 & 4 limited to 1080P, worth checking.
  2. At this stage, I have around half a dozen PS5 titles installed and I still have around 200GB available.
  3. I ordered the Sabrent Rocket 4 Plus 1TB for $269 and have got a third party heatsink for around $12 on the way until their PS5 specific unit is available, not too bad. With the clever compression tech, I think 1TB will get me by for at least a few years.
  4. Almost a NADCrusher not just in name, but reality! Good outcome.
  5. So I have been running the Mini's in pretty well over the past couple of weeks and I gotta say, that mid-range, wow! Never found the Cheviot's to be lacking in this department, but the Mini's are so clean and clear in the mid-band, it's really eye opening. Having said that, they don't have nearly the same sense of scale and don't do rock like the Cheviot's do, but yeah, got a nice little vocal speaker to listen to.
  6. They only come with timber screws, but I found the right thread screws, with allen key heads. Just needed to pull out the cordless drill to open the holes up just a touch on the outrigger feet to fit the threads, but they are solid and now the only way they will tip is if I want them to.
  7. I did start Andromeda not too long ago and was actually enjoying it, but then my save file went all funky and wouldn't load!
  8. I got these for my slender tower speakers downstairs, worked a treat! https://www.decibelhifi.com.au/outrigger-spike-and-plate-set-pack-of-4 In situ below
  9. Finally finished the trilogy a couple of nights back, and now have to fill the void that has been left. This series stands out as a pinnacle of sci-fi storytelling IMO.
  10. Yes, I have listed and unlisted my PSB Synchrony One speakers several times over the years, but for whatever reason, I just cannot let them go. Think they'll end up with one of the kids eventually.
  11. Dialogue was the weakness, even on the narrowest soundfield setting, I just found that dialogue was not great when watching films. Yes, this was paired with a sub.
  12. The Bluesound is the best Soundbar I have ever heard for music duties, but it wasn't especially great for movies. I haven't heard the ARC, but if it is better than the Playbar, it will probably give you a better balance for mixed usage.
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