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  1. Hope the insurance comes to the party Mark.
  2. There you go https://www.lindy.com.au/500m-cat6-rca-analogue-audio-extender?gclid=CjwKCAjwi9-HBhACEiwAPzUhHEv4I_0C9HlAfqli9KBuyfqKeRANkZqaK_kEWZpJ-i-EhjkzYWKUmRoC1qkQAvD_BwE
  3. Hifi disposals have some good pricing on WBT at the moment
  4. Douk Audio USB Converter I got one through Amazon from the US under $80. Only took a week to get here. Found it did the job admirably
  5. You could always buy a USB to coax converter. They aren’t too expensive
  6. I can make you up a set of Canare 4s11 biwired 2m cables for $120 per set including postage
  7. I think If you look closer it’s $128 per cable. So $256 per set They do look like good cables though.
  8. Thank you to everyone who entered and the lovely words. I’ll close this now as I have been absolutely swamped with PM’s I’ll let the winner know in the morning Stay tuned next Sunday, or could be anytime really for another giveaway Cheers Bill
  9. Further information: This is a special giveaway for Lockdown only members. First in doesn’t mean you will get it. Please don’t enter if your not in lockdown. You must have 40 post, so a serious member Please pm me to enter This giveaway is special. A full Western Electric loom. So Western Electric speakers cables up to 3m, 2 sets of Western Electric RCA’s or XLR’s up to 1.5m, 1 x western Electric 1m 0.75ohm digital cable Value is $$1600 Good luck guys
  10. Thank you guys. Lots of entries. Stay tuned for more giveaways. I’ll close this now Cheers Bill
  11. Further information: Another Sunday giveaway.. Again first in doesn’t mean you will definitely get it. I want these things to go to people who are serious members, that means at least 40 posts. PM me to enter This week , one of my shielded power cables. 1.5m in length. $160 in value
  12. If you try 16awg western I think you would have been impressed. I had the same issue with some 11awg. The other thing is there is a lot of fake western electric cable out there.
  13. Just stunning I wish I could do woodwork like that
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