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  1. between Q blue or C red, c red is an obvious pick, no way the q blue could sound better than the c red.
  2. A very good value drop, my last bottle...
  3. I have a p77 original not the i, it is a nice sounding cart. I used to have the leben phono bow sold. I can say that the leben won't be a great match but still ok. I found it became too warm with the leben. I have great result with a SS phono and p77.
  4. This is a new recording and tge energy is completely different to the old ones when they were young, this one much much gentle. If you don't like the slow temple then probably not worth getting. I think they all sold out in pre order...
  5. The Royal Ballet, yellow vinyl edition from Blue Moon, wow! It sounds great, haven't heard AP issue but I am very happy with this one for sure. Unfortunately the cover arrived a bit damaged and the booklet inside has detached from the cover.... anyway the sound is great at least.
  6. Misty, yamamoto trio new direct cutting 45rpm issue. Great stuff.
  7. For dinner tonite but will have a glass now haha.
  8. Yes you are right rd11 is, rd11s is like a rd11 with some minor differences and the switch is on the right.
  9. That's so quick. Ross, I think once you tried the Windfeld Ti, the Jubilee will be sitting in the drawer... Awaiting your PM 😉
  10. Yes it would be interesting to know. The supplier actually recommended the blue moon, he also have the AP which cost a little bit more but he said BM sounds better to his ears. I have not head the AP so will never know haha.
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