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  1. Item: Pre 32 Price Range: Depending on condition Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: Remote required, Titanium fascia Thanks
  2. Interesting, most reviewers seem to believe the opposite, although personal preference will have differing views. I have come across some replacements on ebay from China, although generic at 15-20 dollars I’ll take a chance. Thanks
  3. Hi there Hoping someone can help with where to buy a replacement laser mech for a Rega Saturn/Apollo (not R) I have one of each player and after reading many reports of finicky playback it is suggested the laser is worn... As an experiment I have swapped the Mech between players and the fault follows the suspect Mech Any info would be appreciated cheers
  4. Item: Bryston Amplifier Price Range: 2.5k Item Condition: Used Extra Info: Silver or black faceplate. SST2 would be preferable and happy to pay more. Anyone tired of their old Bryston??
  5. Can you confirm the MP upgrade,should be a sticker stating this I’m led to believe
  6. Hi,anyone interested in picking up floor standing speakers in Sydney and transporting to Melb,will pay cash and a donation to SNA Thanks
  7. Hi guys,anyone have a manual on this they could help me with,just purchased from a SNA member but not a lot of info on the net.thanks in advance
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