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  1. I have used the Seymour screens and still have it in fact. But I like the spandex better because it is smoother. I didn’t need two layers but I have a false wall made of black spandex which I hang a single layer of white. Works well.
  2. I don’t think so, nearly 4 years. That sounds terminal. I will have to wait and see I guess.
  3. It is a 3lcd. Can’t say I noticed one colour amplified. Seemed like I said, localised overly bright and washed out colour. I’ve used it a few times since without issue. If it happens again I’ll take a photo.
  4. I was watching a movie on my epson 6700 when a scene suddenly changed. It was a dark scene but it looked as if a flood light turned on behind me. I even turned around to look but nothing was there. So maybe I thought this was what the scene was supposed to look like. Artistic or something. Almost a J.J Abrams overdone glare shot or something. But it kept going, so I turned off the movie and the atv menu was the same. Very bright and colours washed out. Seemed worse in one spot. Checked settings and everything was normal so I Turned off the projector and when I turned it back on, all was well
  5. So is it really a 5x8m room with a screen wall 2m in? Is the screen wall acoustically transparent? I have a similar setup only smaller. I have a 4.5x6 room with screen wall 1.5 in. I have put the subs behind the screen, one to hide them and two because that's where they measured the best. I wouldn't build anything to put it in, just put it against the back wall behind the screen for some boundary gain. During particularly loud scenes my screen can ripple a little but I don't mind. Yours will be further back so shouldn't do that though.
  6. I have been using a spandex screen for years and love it. To be honest I was happy with one layer of white minimum stretch inside my LP Morgan frame. Maybe because I have nothing behind it, about a meter gap to a black wall. Much better than the Seymour screen I was using. Bought it from remnants warehouse online. https://theremnantwarehouse.com/matte-spandex-plain-white-4413.html
  7. Found a Rythmik which will suit my purposes.
  8. Ok thanks, i was afraid of that, Just wasn't sure. The idea of hpf for only one channel seemed a little strange to me. What about a Y connector out of the cxn, then one to L and R line in of the sub, the other to each channel of poweramp. The plate amp has some good intergration controls. I know there will be no HPF but I only want to add some extra depth to the Dyn's. Could I then use the LFE from my theatre system into LFE on sub which should bypass the filters and crossovers and have the sub do double duty?
  9. My amp is as per diagram. They have different versions. The only out I can see is the balanced out. I’m hoping they do some weird split balanced mono to unbalanced stereo rca. Does anyone know ?
  10. Hi, can someone help me figure out the best way to intergrate the sub in, my equipment: Cambridge Audio CXN v1 Rotel 990bx poweramp Dynaudio s1.4 Rythmik F15HP The Sub has a XLR in and out but not sure if it can HPF to my speakers in stereo as it only has one. But the website seems to indicate its possible. (Fig 1.8 - High pass filter on line out Response and phase of the high pass filter on the line out. One can use this output to give the main speakers bass filtering. The output is sent to the power amplifier used for the main speakers.) I could
  11. There is one on gumtree on the goldcoast.
  12. Item: PSA Sub Price Range: depends on sub. Around $1000 Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: Please don't forget to report your post as FOUND when possible. (You can now delete this text).
  13. I’m having trouble getting YouTube out of my atv to my cxn. I managed to do it with iview but YouTube doesn’t seem to have the option. Can you step me through it? nevermind, I got it. It remembers the audio output from iveiw when I switch them.
  14. Thanks for the effort. I hadn’t thought of trying that. I have my cxn in a separate system to my home theatre but in same room. I’ll have to try it.
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