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  1. I think it's about time I revived this thread. My Spring 3 KTE is well past 500 hours and I can honestly say that I'm not sure I heard a great deal of difference from the end of day one - it sounded great within the first few hours to my ears! I had originally planned to keep two DACs in my setup - the Spring and one of my delta sigma DACs, but I haven't bothered. I think the biggest difference for me is the sense of instruments sounding much more REAL versus my other DACs. I really should start selling some of my excess gear!
  2. So have you tried the Lumin vs Node to the same DAC in your setup now that they both have upgraded DC power supplies?
  3. I sit at work in front of my computer most days when I'm not travelling. Some 5 to 6 metres away, one of the girls in the office has a pair of $10 PC speakers playing some great tunes at a low volume that I am usually tapping my foot to all day. My total home setup is overkill! .....and inspired by @rocky500 I have ordered a Ferrum Hypsos just to add another level of ridiculousness
  4. Doesn't look like much from the outside 😉 24 days from order to delivery.....it felt WAY longer. I will be leaving work a little earlier than usual today.
  5. I do too but sometimes I don't think he is critical enough on the "darling" pieces he reviews. On the Rockna Wavedream review for example, he somewhat glossed over the fact that it didn't have USB galvanic isolation, no ability to change the I2S pin configuration and not the best timbre. Yes he mentioned them but in a low key/just in passing sort of manner. If I spent over $16k on a DAC it would have to have all of those things and be pretty much perfect in most things it did, in fact for $16k it would also need to make the world's best cappuccino AND clean up after itself 😆
  6. I have ordered the Spring 3 KTE from Indie HiFi, as I'd like to have a NOS option in my setup again after selling my Pavane some time back. I toyed with getting something cheaper from the likes of Denafrips etc. but Holo seems well regarded right now and if it doesn't work out the resale hit probably won't hurt too much. The May was a bit too rich for my blood and to be honest I much prefer the one box form factor of the Spring anyway. It will be interesting to hear how it sounds compared to my memory of the Pavane. I've been waiting for the GoldenSound review of the Spring 3, to see how he compares it to the May he already reviewed, but got tired of waiting.
  7. Further information: I have a history of trying cheap IEMs and never being able to get a decent seal, I finally decided (mistakenly) to try something higher end in the hope that somehow things might be different, but the problem persists - my ear canals are just weird and to get decent sound I have to apply really light pressure with my fingers regardless of tip size or type. I even bought Comply foam and Eartune oval shaped tips to see if I could fix the issue but to no avail. These additional tips are also included. The sound of these IEMs is really nice and there are lots of very positive reviews out there. Bought from A2A in early June this year. Would prefer a local buyer as I like people to see & try what they are buying but I will post if necessary. Note: Please be patient with replies to any messages. I have a full-on job and quite often can't get to private emails or messages until I get home. Photos:
  8. Item: Schiit Bifrost 2 DAC Price Range: Up to $1,000 depending on condition Item Condition: Very good to mint Extra Info: Prefer black but will consider silver I am located in Perth. Be patient with messaging as I can be away from electronic communication for a day or two at a time.
  9. Owned since new and very rarely used as I'm not exactly a regular headphone listener. For Sennheiser HD580, HD600, HD650. Overall length is 15ft / 4.5 metres. Ideal if you are looking for some more distance between yourself and your amp. Prefer a local sale but will post at an agreed price. Please PM for further info or interest.
  10. Owned since new and very rarely used as I'm not exactly a regular headphone listener. The amp sounds great and pairs well with the HD600 & HD650s I've used with it. Easily drives 2 sets of headphones simultaneously to do comparisons. Prefer a local sale but will post at an agreed price. No original box, so if post is required I will have to make something up. Please PM for further info or interest. Specs: low-distortion, pure Class A headphone amplifier THD: 0.008% (10-20,000Hz) frequency response: 15Hz to 75,000Hz (-3dB) signal-to-noise ratio: greater than 109dB (A weighted) output impedance: less than 1 Ohm output power: 1.1 watt at 32 Ohms USB Type B input with built-in Mac and PC compatible drivers for computer audio 1 pair line-level RCA inputs and outputs 1 pair RCA preamp outputs two full-size stereo headphone outputs
  11. Prefer a local sale but will post at an agreed price if required, the box is quite large. Been in my setup for approximately 7 years but after a couple of false starts, I will be scaling things down early next year. A great pair of cables that contribute no colouration, just great dynamics. Will throw in the JPS Labs Aluminata jumper cables that I bought separately. 2.5 metres/8 ft long & come with upgraded WBT-0610 banana plugs and tool. These are very thick & fairly stiff cables so make sure that they are suitable for your setup before committing. Please PM for further info or interest.
  12. Item: iFi iPower Location: Perth Price: $50 each or $120 for all three Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: No longer needed Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: 3 x iFi iPower power supplies. All come with the original additional adapters etc. and boxes. 1 x 5V/2.5A 1 x 9V/2.0A 1 x 12V/1.8A $50 each or $120 for the lot...plus postage if required.
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