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  1. Take P5, Ric did a terrific job in keeping Sainz at bay. Great start. Good crowd and atmosphere.
  2. Enjoying some easy listening this afternoon. Hadn't really heard Golden heart properly, some very good tracks. Very satisfied, listening now to Ragpickers Dream, geez, sounds pretty good out of my Kantu 9's, could only imagine how it would sound through other member's systems. Miles Showell said they (the albums)didn't need much tweaking, very well engineered and produced. Carry on.......
  3. I think that bottom pic is actually John DeVore's place. Looks very familiar to his youtube presentations, and also he's just introduced those cubed speakers.
  4. Received mine today, looking forward to a good listen. Must say, best packaging I’ve had with vinyl, understand a boxed set, special mention to Discrepancy Records.
  5. Thanks Drew, forgot to explain, have a dedicated 2 channel system, which obviously sounds better than my avr. Could just use laptop direct to input to DAC in my integrated amp (Denon PMA2500). Thanks for the info.
  6. Was looking at these types sometime ago, may give Geoff a call. Thanks Blakey. .
  7. Not sure, what would be better ? Been only a 2 channel listener from vinyl or cd, however can appreciate the convenience.
  8. Hi all, Currently use iphone (Spotify)with lightning cable to usb input on old Pioneer SCLX 73. Don't have provision for network cable near Pioneer in family room, just wireless (blutooth) from modem in study. Pioneer does have an "adaptor port" to input a wifi/blutooth dongle i presume. Can I purchase an independent streamer and use wirelessly (connected to some form of input on Pioneer). NAD, Limetree etc Have heard you obtain better sound quality with direct network cable connections to streamer, if not, is wireless sufficient. Thanks, Matt
  9. Releasing new album next month Nov 19th
  10. Yes, watched Q1 disaster, then went to bed. See what transpires tonight. Ric , with a planned strategy no doubt, might weave his way up to some valuable points.
  11. Well, might as well continue the theme, again, sounds ...... just #%%ing brilliant
  12. Some classic 70’s, from a band ahead of their time. Just sounds......
  13. Opium, only way to play it, is loud. Great bass
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