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  1. I see you’re upgrading, Matt. Did you decide on the PS or Chord Hugo route or all in on analogue?
  2. Chord Mojo with cable accessory pack. Versatile and great sounding, truly portable DAC. Photos:
  3. Further information: Fantastic phono stage, built like a tank, competes with phono stages at triple the cost. Presents as new. Comes with stock power cable. Review below: https://www.hifinews.com/content/primare-r32-£850 Photos:
  4. Do you run this as your Roon core as well? Or just end point? @alistairm
  5. Great tip. I spent a fair clip on bamboo Atacama shelves. Couldn’t have gone to IKEA!
  6. I concur on the Primare route. Had the R32 which was great value under $1k in Australia (oddly about the same in UK Pound) and I hear the R35 is a step up again.
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