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  1. Nope, Bluetooth, Spotify, from the kids phones. Suits them!
  2. These work well: Daughter’s to Sansui AU-101 Son’s to Pioneer SA-7500 The kids love them, easy peasy to stream from their phones to vintage amps! Kind regards, Michael
  3. So interesting! Our home/family has ‘4 systems’... Family Room: amp, wifi streaming Listening room (my name), reading room (my wife): amp, wifi streaming, CD player, turntable Tom’s (19) room: vintage amp, bluetooth streaming receiver, turntable Lili’s (17) room: vintage amp, bluetooth streaming receiver, turntable Possibly a little nuts, but pleasingly they do all get used. The kids do use their bluetooth receivers more than they play vinyl, but I love the fact that they have a ‘vinyl’ option. They also think vinyl is cool and are more likely to put
  4. Graham Slee - lots of options and you may be able to try before you buy. Contact Keith @cheekyboy
  5. Did have a large table saw at my disposal with a tilting arbor. Cut them to size then sliced off 45 degs with blade tilted running them along the fence. Osmo is great, but is expensive. Applied, waited about 1/2hr then buffed it off. Cheers, Michael
  6. So True! He only had 1 chair in his flat and they were about 2m max away. RIP Tony.
  7. Bought these very nice Solidsteel stands recently. Thought the ‘MDF’ top plate was too small, so whipped up a couple of film faced birch ply plates to match my console. Finished with some Osmo Polyx Oil today. Very pleased with them, same size as my Elac BS244s. Les Davis little thingys between the speakers and top plates - no blu tack… Kind regards, Michael (Locked down with John Lewis and Sacha Distel for an Afternoon in Paris - Dulwich Hill actually…)
  8. Love this one, may have wrong footprint for a little DAC…
  9. Inspired by this and a quick ‘google’ of marble paper weights: Kind regards, Michael
  10. Update: think my mate will keep them! Yay! He just needs a nice old vintage amp to play around with them. I’m going to loan him my daughter’s Sansui Au 101, might be a good match... Cheers, Michael
  11. Like these: Christofle Iriana. Bought six pre kids, thankfully haven’t broken any... So cool in the hand. Kind regards, Michael
  12. My favs: Three Colors: Blue Three Colors: Red Three Colours: White My wife’s fav: Double Life of Veronique We are both on the same page that Krzysztof Kieslowski is the bomb! As is Juliette Brioche... I digress...
  13. Oops! Sorry just saw this plinth build here, shouldn’t have added a link and thread in DIY audio. Awesome!
  14. So inspiring! This guy is fussy!!! Enjoy! (I did) Michael
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