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  1. Hmm, yeh i know Atilla, i wasnt sure he would be the right one for such a piece, but i suppose a drive to thomastown could be in order.. Had thought there might be an actual JBL service centre or something...
  2. Anyone recommend a reputable speaker repair person for a very high end compression driver JBL 435AI ? Showing 0 resistance with multimeter.
  3. A mate put me onto audio principe cables ( i bought the solid core version) and thats the only time i've bought better than regular braided bunnings 18GA cables. I have to admit cant hear the difference, but its probably more to do with speaker placement than anything else. That being my main reason for posing the question in the first place, but i think its answered now.. ie. testing time.
  4. I think i got what i needed, i knew there would be some argument and i feel like the idea of trying some higher end stuff without fronting the $$ to realise it doesnt do much is the smart option.. I think i have decent enough components to warrant a try..
  5. Hahahah, no horsesh*t wang! I had a feeling, but hearing it from someone who spent that much is interesting.
  6. Thanks for the feedback folks. I guess borrowing and trying with one set would be a good idea to see if i can hear a difference, and if not, stick to the regular. I have some Technics SE 9600 /SU 9600 amps & then onto the ORB switcher & then onto various different speakers: JBL 4344 / Coral Beta 10 / JBL Lancer 2 way / Altec 604G. anyway thats the basics, but i only have one decent set of cables, & i dont really want to buy 3 more unless it makes sense.. Will try and borrow one more set to just do from the amp to the orb & onto a set of speakers..
  7. Can anyone please point me to a thread here where the necessity of the high end speaker cable has either been debunked, or proven? I am about to install an Orb speaker selector to hook up one amp, to 3 sets of speakers, and dont really want to have high end cable for all 4 sets of runs I need to do.. but, hey if i see some good info to tell me getting something better than regular 18 gauge wire is necessary i'll go for it..
  8. Hi, anyone familiar with Tannoy Yorkminster SE? Interested to know about a few things: 1. Are they power hungry, what would be a good matching amplifier. I have marantz 8B tube amp, which I'd like to think could drive the Yorkminsters but im worried they might need more power? 2. Ive heard they're great for bass, but again would the Marantz 8b potentially drive them down that low...? 3. Any information on Bi-wiring or Bi-amping them and how again this affects performance? 4. What would the resale value be at the pessimistic / optimistic end (assuming in mint c
  9. NOW YOUR TALKIN! they look like the business. thanks!
  10. Thanks yeh those nakamichis are not bad, but id like to see something that really gets it out of the way and is proper stable.. A bit like this in my sketch.. Make my own outta titanium and sell em! Regards Andy's post, my cables are 3M long and I get what youre saying, but irrespective theres plenty of people who use really thick cable and may wish to go to old JBL terminals like mine (over 5M etc) so the option or solution should be there i reckon..
  11. Wondering if anyone else out there has solved the problem of trying to attach decent speaker cable to a vintage JBL (or other brands) speaker? The issue is the cable i have is around 4mm thick, if i try to hang it off a speaker pin, the weight of the cable and the flimsiness of the pin drags it to one side and there's a danger of them touching.. Not to mention the proximity of other speaker terminals on the crossover in the vicinity it could touch.. Short of removing and replacing the terminals themselves is there any product i havent come across to solve this issue?
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