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  1. When you honestly can't tell the difference! G'day all, the little ESP DIY P05 mini powering one of my ESP P06 DIY phono stages recently developed a fault with no output on one rail and despite many attempts to find the fault without success, in the end I basically gave up and installed one of my slightly similar Jaycar split rail power supply kit modules and although the ESP P05 mini is 'supposed' to have somewhat better filtering, I honestly can't tell the difference! Oh well! Regards, Felix.
  2. Finding the right tonal balance for your ears anyway! Being a fan of wideband/high fidelity AM reception I know that my FET based infinite impedance detectors are the easiest to listen to, having the best balance of bass/midrange and treble and whilst some of my DIY AM detectors have more apparent treble, I find them more 'grating' to listen to, at least in the 'long term'. I wonder if the same thing applies to 'high fidelity' generally? Regards, Felix.
  3. G'day all, in terms of that rare sense of 'musicality' I nominate the nominate the Rothwell Audio Products 'Simplex'. Amazingly organic and musical sound quality with typical moving magnet phono cartridges. Not inexpensive but definitely worth it. Regards. Felix.
  4. Electronic 'break in' 'is' real, but why? G'day all, I think that I have to admit that electronic break in is a real phenomenon but I am constantly asking myself the question, 'why'? I really don't think that I can give a definitive answer to that, but I strongly suspect that electrolytic capacitor 'behavior' is the likely reason! They are 'still' inherently imperfect components and as such will be subject/prone to changes in electronic characteristics, no matter how well made they are! I realised that many years ago when I was first dabbling in capacitively coupled
  5. G'day mate, I'm still using mine in 'naked' PCB form. Regards, Felix.
  6. G'day mate, this circuit explanation is off the Akitika website. https://www.akitika.com/documents/ElectronicCooling.pdf Regards, Felix.
  7. G'day all, I guess that this has always been a challenge withe phono stages forever, as it were, and indeed a few have maintained that 'quiteness' isn't that important given the inherent nature of records and were might be a degree of truth in that, yet my personal experience is that a really quiet phono stage is definitely worth striving for. In my phono stage collection, my DIY Akitika Phono Z phono stage with its 'electronic cooling' 'is' actually very quiet yet most phono stages don't use such possibly esoteric approaches to phono stage design, As far as the Akitika is conce
  8. Tricks of the mind (with phono stages). G'day all, as much as I think that I have reasonably good and perceptive hearing, sometimes I really wonder if I'm as dumb as the next person without a clue! I have a lot of phono stages and they are all pretty good yet sometimes the way they sound to me changes even over a day, and sometimes they all sound the same to me. All just 'tricks of the mind'? Mmmmmm, I wonder. Regards, Felix.
  9. G'day mate, great recollections on the crystal sets! I only ever used germanium diodes and I never had the 'pleasure' of adjusting some kind of 'cats whisker' arrangement on the 'diode detector' You've done better than me on that! Well done mate, and yes all my coils were wound on old cardboard toilet rolls as well! Regards, Felix.
  10. G'day mate, I had a couple of sets of 'Merlins' at one stage and they were pretty good although the woofers had 'issues'. Regards, Felix.
  11. G'day mate, those Richter Mkll Harlequin's were excellent loudspeakers! Regards, Felix.
  12. How did you get into 'Hi Fi'? G'day all, I'm sitting here listening to HG and Roy's 'Bludging on the Blind Side', on our local ABC AM radio station on my DIY Infinite Impedance hi fi AM tuner, and it sounds fantastic. Thinking back over the years long before we had 'any' FM service up here, I used a simple crystal set into an audio amplifier to deliver the sort of audio quality from local AM stations that was way better than any other radio I'd used, and that's how my interest in 'hi fi' started. What was your story? Regards, Felix.
  13. Do you care what your phono stage looks like? G'day all, this is an interesting one as I've always felt like appearance 'can' influence listening perceptions yet maybe it doesn't! I love the sound of my Rothwell 'Simplex' but I also love the way that it looks even though some have criticised its spartan and 'dated' looks. Regardless, I love that phono stage in every way! Any comments? Regards, Felix.
  14. Sound quality and stylus wear. G'day all, a question of interest to me. When a stylus starts to wear, how is the playback sound quality adversely affected? Regards, Felix.
  15. G'day all, ah memories! It was around that time that I used to say 'Shure cartridges are the best'. Great memories! Regards, Felix.
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