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  1. what's the bridge showing on? Just finished below the surface 1&2 on sbs, very good I thought
  2. also found syd barret the madcap laughs and barret , both seem to be UK releases from 1987 made by Toshiba .cdp 7 46607 2 cop 7 46606 2 and Dave gilmour self titled and about face. both seem to be early disctronic releases. 465037 2 465038 2 any good to you collectors?
  3. culling a lot of CDs I don't listen to and came across a couple of collectables, any of you collectors would like them . Linda ronsdstat greatest hits purple target w German,, inxs the swing purple target w German as well. the inxs is pink with green targets
  4. looked up Discogs and I have the album cover of band on the run which says Pasa 10007 but not the actual record number.
  5. well sir I shall have a listen. The old buckled Sgt peppers sounds as good as my fat vinyl overpriced new recording.
  6. uriah heep salisbury. a mx1682661 6357207-1 thuck there hard to read. my 11yr old is helping me and I've had couple.
  7. anyone heard of Nilson smilschon ?
  8. hendrix band of gypsies has heaps of numbers. hard to make out. hendrix kiss the sky , mastered on copper that sounds not to old. eagles one of these nights. mx175673
  9. so band on the run has vex 929 yapax 1127 Sgt peppers has yex637
  10. Ah disc cogs forgot about them .thanks awayward.
  11. Having to shift house after 17yrs of rental and found some of my parents records from the 70s which I thought were lost. How do you go about dating them.
  12. Tony ray


    Item: Yamaha RX-V1 Price Range: free Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: Have an old Yammie RX-V1 home cinema amp which I can't just throw away. Worth about 6 grand in its day and weighs 28 kilos. still sort of works but very glitchy. down on the surf coast if any one wants it. Please don't forget to report your post as FOUND when possible. (You can now delete this text).
  13. The lady at the servo called my pick up a ute the other day. I don't think any 4 door can be called a ute. Maybe the holden crewman but its called a crew cab. I call all these new fangled 4wd Utes 4 door lifted sedans with the boot lid missing.
  14. Tony ray

    Tennis Talk

    I thought he had hit one of those kids that collect the balls not a adult. She should of seen it coming
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