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  1. Excellent! I like the way you think... my fridge packed up too (Friday night) and rather than epic opportunity, I just feel $1500 poorer... ?
  2. I’ve been involved in and around music all my life. I come from a musical family, I’ve played in bands, I’ve sold and repaired instruments, mixed live sound, worked in studios and community radio etc, etc... I’ve gotten more into ‘hifi’ over the last 10yrs or so because I have a young family now and had to plot a financial path that would support us properly and time and energy is at an all time low. I think I’ve got a fairly reasonable ear and a pretty good fundamental understanding of sound, acoustics and so forth and I have to say the one thing that’s always struck me as absurd about the au
  3. I have mine sitting on custom stands... 4 sand filled 100x100 RHS pillars per, sandwiched between two pieces of 10mm plate top and bottom. I’ve never set them on scales but I’d be surprised if they came in at under 40kg per side... and the SL600s love them... I have owned a pair of Ls3/5a and imo, there’s no comparison...
  4. No idea in value really but $6-800 seems fair if fully operational and good physical condition. Spent a couple of weeks listening to mine on the end of a Copland CSA 14 and the sound was sublime. Just had them running off a Pioneer A91d and I’m amazed once again by what these things can do. Don’t sell em - feed em!
  5. Get some Hot N Spicy Ding Dong in ya this Xmas guys n gals!? ????
  6. Tour now cancelled due to promoter being ‘outed for sexual misconduct.’ What a bummer for fans!!
  7. Possibly the best thing I’ve heard all year. So much talent on this album and the Parquet Courts boys totally out do themselves here showing that their high output and frenetic career hasn’t yet slaked their thirst for exploration or experimentation: there’s still plenty left in the tank. These guys really are the best thing in accessible indie rock since - dare I say it? Nirvana... ????
  8. Excellent score! I feel woefully inadequate... Is your listening primarily digital? (Mine is vinyl) 45556 minutes = 759 hours = 31 days? ...that's also approximately how long it took to download 3 punk EPs is the early days of torrent sharing!? ?✌️?
  9. So this is cool; The Spotify Round Up. So apparently I listened to 45,556 minutes of music via Spotify last year. My favourite genre was Noise Pop, my favourite band was A Place To Bury Strangers, my two favourite songs were And I’m Up (APTBS) and Angel Olsen’s If It’s Alive, It Will... a really cool feature and has come with two playlists that actually do represent my tastes rather than the parade of general misses they usually trot out on Album Radio... anyhoo. Apologise if there is another thread about this somewhere. I searched but I’ve never mastered the finicky search function on this si
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