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  1. Sonique 5.5 for $550 is a great buy ! Part of my journey was discovering these and shattered when one **** itself and could not get it repaired!
  2. Awesome bass lines ! Blew my kids away when I told them it was 43 years ago ! Original Metal Box from Public Image Limited and one of my all time anti heroes John Lydon aka Johnny Rotten..
  3. 1. Withnail and I 2. The Big Lebowski 3. Saving Private Ryan 4. Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas 5. My Left Foot 6. Heat 7. Goodfellas 8. Bandit Queen 9. Pulp Fiction 10. Citizen Kane
  4. Love the wealth of knowledge on this site...thank you all
  5. Agreed the site looks done and believe Rick moved in too greener pastures.. Have Attached a photo and will upload more later.. Got to replace 5 of the wo9fer rubber surrounds ( correct terminology?) Got the 5.1 set up for 1k..
  6. Hey Bud ! Welcome aboard ! Heaps of great knowledge on here so enjoy !
  7. Thanks again Blakey mate ! I have scored the lot with the centre speaker for 1k ! Couple of drivers need reforming but at that price I cannot resist ! Exciting week ahead!
  8. Many apologies for my " south Australia " comment..
  9. Thank you Blakey !! Here are the models and will seal the deal ! Front speakers Perigee Rears Eclipse Sub Equator 2 Appreciate your comments ! Cheers
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