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  1. Hello Mr Jedi are these a matching pair please? if so I would like to purchase for my PS Audio pre amp cheers Mark
  2. Just seen your post I have one if you still need?
  3. Currently using on a SP10 mk3 with FR64S. The Houdini is between a Kiseki Silver Spot and a Sony headshell. Setup of cartridge with Analog Magik. A very good improvement (15-20%) over an already clear , fluid and dynamic sound. I think it's a good investment.
  4. Hello MGO Are your WE tubes still for sale please? I am interested in purchasing two pairs Regards Mark
  5. Hi MGO I am interested in purchasing two pairs of your WE tubes and adapters. Could you please PM me with banking or PayPal details, and postage cost to Sydney Cheers Mark B
  6. Hi Grizzly I would like to purchase through PayPal and look at couriering to Syd after Xmas How do I PM you to set up the sale please mate? Cheers Mark
  7. Hi Grizzly is the Yamaha B 1 still for sale? I am interested in purchasing and adding to my Vfet collection Cheers Mark
  8. I would like to purchase the SMART tractor if it is still for sale please
  9. thesnodger, I would like to buy your sme, and would like to arrange pick up this friday, 24th........ Tis a good price..... buzzkram
  10. I first got interested in sound reproduction when given my grandparents gramophone, playing a National Geographic flexi disc of the moon landing......this was the mid 70's as a young fella... Lots of sound, music and gear improvements since... Cheers Mark
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