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  1. Hi Cyberkank, I have a pair of Chord Company Rumour 2 cables, 2.2m pair terminated with bananas. Silver-plated conductors with teflon insulators. Excellent cable at less than half your budget, plenty of reviews online. Cheers
  2. Len Wallis in Sydney have one advertised in their secondhand section ... http://www.lenwallisaudio.com/products/secondhand-products/misc good luck
  3. Hi Manchu, Your father-in-law's girlfriend certainly has excellent taste in guitars. I have a 1965 Telecaster - blonde with rosewood neck - which I bought (in England) in @ 1979. It has a bit of rock history attached to it and is a gorgeous guitar although probably a bit above your stated price range. Best of luck with the quest.
  4. Hi, I have a Rega DAC no longer being used - well within your budget if you’re interested. Cheers, Steve
  5. I also have a Rega DAC I'm planning to list - if it falls through with goldiver let me know
  6. I have a very lightly used Lehmann Audio Rhinelander Headphone Amp in silver which I can sell for $220 - coming in under budget but I'm not sure if it's a substantial enough upgrade for you.
  7. Hi everyone, I'm placing this ad on behalf of a friend who is wanting a pair of 1970s bookshelf speakers for his teenage daughter - to go with a 1970s Pioneer turntable and old Yamaha amp. He is hoping to find "something like 1970s Tannoy or Celestial Ditton or similar, wooden cabinets, around the $100 mark if possible?". Budget @ $100 Sydney region Thanks for looking.
  8. Hi Juicester, Thanks, but I have someone coming to see them later. cheers, Steve
  9. Sorry - I really should have thought that one through. I was recently given a pair of better speakers and I didn't really want to profit from my good fortune - hence the low price. I'll try and be more considerate to everyone next time!
  10. Item: KEF Q3 Floorstanding Speakers Location: Sydney Price: $200 Item Condition: Excellent for the money Reason for selling: Have upgraded - no longer needed Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: I bought these speakers secondhand from Len Wallis @ 3-4 years ago. They've been very well looked after in a non-smoking environment, One small scratch @ 1cm long - covered with tape - see pic. Bi-wireable, maple finish. Relisted as the previous buyer changed their mind. The reason being they wanted the speakers for a home theatre but felt there was a slight pull to one side: "although most people wouldn't even notice". On measuring the frequency response they found one tweeter to be down '2-3 dB'. I hadn't noticed a 'pull' when listening to music and now I'm told it's there I still can't hear it - at this price it's not a major drama. Happy to answer any questions - I have them connected so if you're interested you can examine and listen to them prior to purchase - I'm in Sydney's Eastern Suburbs. Great value for a starter system. Specification: Q3 System type: Two-way, floor standing Enclosure type: Reflex Dimensions (H x W x D): 780 x 240 x 320mm (30.7 x 9.4 x 12.6 inches) Weight: 11.5kg (25.3 lbs) Nominal impedance: 8 ohms Amplifier Requirements: 15-120W Frequency response: 42Hz to 27kHz +/-3.0dB Sensitivity: 91dB at 1m for 2.83V Maximum output: 111dB Finish: Black Ash, Maple or Dark Apple System: SP3360 Drive units: B160 Uni-Q (SP1485) [NT19 HF unit (SP1487)] Crossover network: SP2381 (SP2430 USA)
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