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  1. Speaking as a less skilled fellow woodworker; I'm absolutely blown away by your woodworking and finishing skills! If your speakers sound as good as they look; I'd say you've made your dream speakers for life!
  2. Yes, the Driverack has a control module that enhances bass response. I use in on older recordings that were not recorded with punchy/deep bass. Here's an excerpt from the user manual: DriveRack PA+ Section 5 ® Detailed Parameters Number Fixed - 0-12 This will range from values 0-12. The total number of filters will stay at 12, and the number of live filters will be = Total Num Filters – Num Fixed. If this is changed before the filters are reset, then the filters will be reset one by one as the number changes. For example, if the number of Fixe
  3. I'm using the Behringer mic because I already had it when I purchased the DBX. BTW; the DBX setup wizard has a prompt to select either the DBX mic or non-DBX mic.
  4. HI Grant, Two friends who I built ESLs for are using the Driverack PA2. I'm still learning all the features but I'm pretty sure that everything you would use in a home stereo application (crossovers, EQ's, limiters, time-delays, etc.. ) are identical in the PA2 and Venu 360. Both have six output channels. And aside from the extra/digital inputs on the Venu 360, the other differences apply to PA applications where you might need to daisy chain components. For example; the Venu has three separate input processing chains (versus one in the PA2), as well as capability t
  5. I'm not yet sure if the DBX can do that, but it does have dynamic limiters.
  6. I don't know whether the DBX would have a shutdown thump because I always shut the amps off first. And at startup; I always turn on the Logitech streamer and Venu 360 first.
  7. I recently replaced the Behringer DEQ2496 EQ & DCX2496 crossover, driving my homebuilt hybrid electrostats & Ripole subs, with a DBX Driverack Venu 360 crossover/EQ. I opted for the Venu 360 over the less expensive PA2, only because I needed the Venu's digital inputs to accept the digital out from my Logitech Transporter. This will not be an in-depth, dispassionate, or measurement based review. I still have a lot to learn about the Venu 360, and the Behringers are all I know to compare it to. Below are my initial impressions: Behringers have a less than stellar rep among aud
  8. Hi all, I decided to build hard-case transport boxes to protect my new Jazzman Mk III ESL speakers during the annual trek to Carverfest. The hard cases can be carried in the back of my truck, even if it's raining. The cases are two-piece interlocking clamshells made from light weight 3/16 plywood painted with truck liner coating. The clamshells snap together with (6) draw latches, and a foam rubber gasket between them seals out the rain. The lower clamshells have carrying handles on each end, for two person carry. Interior surfaces which contact the speakers are S
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