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  1. Hi. In the review it refers to spdif and aes outputs...but I can't see them in the pics. Is the review of this model?
  2. Hi - I know one or two have been sold here but I can't find the old threads. No hurry. Just putting it out there in case someone is sitting on one. Thanks.
  3. Hi - the price is in Australian dollars. Please can we confine conversations about price to PMs? Thanks. Peter
  4. Hi. My understanding is that there's no issue running 240v items at 220/230.. However, it may be an idea for you to check too....and I have seen that there are step up and step down transformers people use....this brand is mentioned on SNA https://www.tortech.com.au/ but I imagine there would be local suppliers where you are.
  5. Further information: I purchased this wonderful pre-amplifier new, here in Australia in 2017 and it hasn't moved from its spot in my rack in the four years since. The sound is sublime. It's the 'with phono' version. There is commentary here https://www.stereophile.com/artdudleylistening/listening_94/index.html and on music sites like audiogon. I've priced below the VR sold here on SNA in May advertised at $15k. And the two currently on hifishark are U$12.75 and U$$13.5. I will donate $300 to SNA if this preamp is sold via SNA. There is something VERY special about S
  6. Item: PS4 Pro Price Range: 300 Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: Mine just died so don't need controllers or games - just the unit please. One that's working well, and doesn't have the fans on. (Which seems to be a precursor to the units falling over!) Thank you and Happy Christmas.
  7. Hi. May I buy this please? P. Ps your inbox isn't accepting mssg.
  8. Hi.... I've been totally rapt with my Antipodes unit since I first hooked it up to my system. And for that alone I'd recommend it to anyone looking in this space. But every now and again something gives my network a bump...and I find myself in touch with Tony, hoping he'll help me out. And I'm just here to say....it's amazing...because he does...every time. Even when the issue has probably got nothing to do with the Antipodes itself. So this is just a public 'thank you' and shout-out for a great business. The fact that the amazing product is matched by the service is such rare thing these days
  9. Further information: A really special speaker cable that I've only seen come up once or twice on SNA. Currently configured as Banana (amp) to Spade (speaker) though it looks easy to change with these connectors - if that's what your system needs. It wasn't until I spent almost treble the price I paid for these that I bettered them in my system. BTW I paired them initially with the Cheetah interconnects as I love the musicality of the Audioquest gear. And will have those cables up for sale soon too - if you're interested in building a loom, as I was. And found this quote from stereophile talkin
  10. Further information: Widely regarded tuner I've owned from new, but no longer using. Lovely musical sound. Silly to have it sitting in a cupboard when someone could be enjoying it! Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  11. Further information: Fabulous, as new, P10, purchased new by me from the Australian distributor - with US plugs - so you don't have to limit yourself to AUS terminated cables . (I will be selling a number of PS audio and Wireworld cables in the coming days that would go brilliantly with this unit if you are interested.) I have all the packaging/remote - but would prefer local buyer if possible, due to weight. Unit is very well reviewed, and I have found PS Audio a delight to talk to about this and other products in their range - which is such a bonus! Between this and the Directstream, PS Au
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