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  1. At $220 plus dollars it had want to be! Although i read that there is a 2x45 version already in the pipeline............
  2. Some TVs have a time elapsed meter so you know how long the TV's been on for. Im not sure if the Q8 has one but may be worth checking if its been on active store display for a year (or possibly two). Jbs floor stock is worth a try too if you have the time to do a couple of ring arounds.
  3. Nice pick-up Blah Blah. Ill have to get me a bottle of that too. Speyside is my favourite region.
  4. I notice that one of the majors (Liquorland here in WA) has Dimple 12yo at $40 at the moment. At that price its also a worthy contender for a daily tipple. Will definitely be worth comparing to Johnnie Black.
  5. Hi Ritero, Ive just PM'd you about a Vincent PHO-8 which Im sure will do the job.
  6. Pops110, have you had a chance to play with this yet and if yes, what were your thoughts?
  7. As someone who's favourite drams are mortlach 16 year old and oban, I have always thought the ubiquitous johnnie black an honest easy to drink everyday drink, and much more in what I would call 'affordable'. When on special (and it usually is) I don't believe you can go wrong for under $50.
  8. I have both a Hisense 65" Q8 and a Sony 55" 950h. I bought the Hisense as a 'cheap' option for the kids room when their TV packed it in. The Sony was in our lounge room While the Sony picture was almost perfect out of the box, initially the Q8 did my head in with getting the right picture - however after a couple of months of research and playing around with the calibration I have to say that I prefer the Hisense picture 95% of the time than the Sony - Sony does skin tone slightly better, but that was not enough for me to swap TVs, and the Hisense is now in the Lounge. You may be able to achieve even better if you have calibrations tools at your disposal, or get someone around. At the $1,100 odd price it is now I couldn't recommend it higher. The only uncertainty is longevity and time will tell on that. Chris
  9. Still got my squeezebox touch and can confirm the spotty plug-in works flawlessly, along with all 3 mixes of radio paradise FLAC (including the metadata - album covers etc.). You just need to know where to go in the LMS to add them in. Chris
  10. Awesome, You wont be disappointed. The X95 series just does everything so well.
  11. I own both a 55" Sony 950g (model before the H) and a hisense 65" Q8. If you have $4000 to spend on a TV (which I didnt) I would choose the Sony every day. Its picture quality is superior.....however for my viewing purposes i would not say that its $1000 better than the Hisense 75" Q8. Note that 98% of our viewing is free to air tv and netflix. I bought the Hisense in January with the aim of putting it in the kids games room when their TV stopped working and just for fun I set it up in our lounge room to compare it to the Sony. It took a lot longer than the Sony to get the picture calibrated to how i like it (the Sony was just about perfect straight out of the box) but recken I now have the Hisense about 90% close. In the end I chose the Hisense to remain in our lounge and put the Sony in the kids room - and have never had the urge to swap back. Comments about banding on the Hisense are true but have never given me the urge to swap back TVs. Like others have mentioned above, I found the extra size of the Q8 made more of a positive impact than the slight upgrade in picture quality on the sony. Food for thought - last time i looked there were a few retailers here in Perth carrying the older Sony 95g 75" (from which Ive read is almost identical to the current 95h) - with a bit of digging around you may also find someone in Melbourne carrying one, that would likely be selling for a lot less than the $4k for the current model.
  12. Douglas hifi moved to Osborne Pk back in Dec - there's some really nice photos of their new digs in their sponsor forum. Hoping to get there myself to have a look around int he next few weeks.
  13. Hi Daniam i thought the treble was Slightly rolled off and had one or two pops but for $25 I have zero complaints. Overall it’s got good bass and A nice clean sound. I don’t have any digital to compare to so not sure if that’s common on both formats. Chris
  14. Just picked up the ELO and Roger Waters live triple LP's - very happy. thanks for the heads up Woogie!
  15. the Sony ebay store has box damaged (not refurbished) Sony X95G 65" for under $2000 if you apply the 15% code at the moment, which is a pretty good deal. Link Here: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Sony-65-X95G-Full-Array-LED-4K-Ultra-HD-Smart-Android-TV-Box-Damaged-/283797298815?hash=item4213a31e7f
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