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  1. Further information: A wonderful sounding amp from the 70s, open and spacious. 50w/ channel. Serviced and recapped (2021). Built heavily 10kg with quality components. Photos:
  2. I am reading on other forums the excel body is also used for the Sumiko Pearl and Shelter 201. Do you think this is correct?
  3. The C Red is a simply beautiful cart, detailed, scale and a touch of warmth. The Q Blue I’ve also had and it really isn’t worth the current pricing. I thought it lacked resolution and sounded a bit flat compared to the Q bronze.
  4. For the money, I wasn’t that impressed with the Quintet Blue. I found it a bit flat and lacking in detail. The Q Bronze was a significant improvement. For the price of a Q Blue there is a Cadenza Red in the classifieds if you are looking for something really good.
  5. Did you say Audia Flight phono stage. Is it the one that you have the choice to add the loading resistors in at the rear. Or is it integrated into an AF amp?
  6. Doesn’t look like a low end turntable to me. Good arm, direct drive, heavy at 7.5kg, quiet. anyway the brochure days arm is light and suitable for high compliance cartridges. And is replaceable due to standard mount. That makes the Ortofon OM5E the right candidate for the job. And sounds pretty good too for a $109 cartridge Not sure after market stylus will necessarily have the right compliance, this does vary. But you can usually get them for around $50 at Wagner Electronics plus shipping But for an extra $60, personally I would upgrade.
  7. Would a Pickering XV-15/Stanton 680 with D150 (conical) stylus or 625DJ elliptical) might also be a candidate? Or Stanton 500AL. Just a suggestion.
  8. Unfortunately. Public liability insurance usually excludes product fault due to workmanship.
  9. Further information: Mid 1980s vintage amp. Reviews here. https://www.hifinews.com/content/harman-kardon-pm650 Has a very good discreet phono stage that handles MM or MC cartridges. In fact I feel the phono stage is best I have heard from an integrated amp. Rated 50w RMS per channel but delivers 75w/ channel due to high current Fully discrete with high quality Elna for Audio capacitors inside. it’s heavy and well built. I bought this for curiosity as I had one in the 80s. Placed it against my Audia Flight and it’s almost up to the same level, possibly the phono is
  10. Is this the Encel you’re referring to?
  11. Here’s an ad from 1972 Australian HiFi
  12. And some interesting ads from that time.
  13. A couple of cartridges reviews, Shure and Pickering
  14. Interesting guidance and series of reviews of cartridges from 48 years ago.
  15. And a little off topic - check out the editorial - unbelievable. Industry protection must have been important back then.
  16. Found this is in a 1972 Australian HiFi magazine. Review of the original SP10 (known as SL1000). Priced at $672. That’s $7,200 in 2021 dollars.
  17. Further information: Great sounding quality tonearm cable with OCC litz construction. Beautiful cable with original packaging. full details here. 1.2m length. https://zavfinousa.com/products/majestic-occ-tonearm-cable Photos:
  18. Speed issues might be solved by de-oxidising the speed control pots. Using contact cleaner spray that can be bought at electronics by store.
  19. Usually the drain wire is connected at one end only, the plug end. This is to ensure there is effective shielding and that an earth loop isnt created by having two complete earth circuits. The mains earth is the green wire and is connected at both ends.
  20. Probably a drain wire to ensure proper conduct of the shielding.
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