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  1. Yes Mark. Both calibrated files are loaded. Here is the average of 6 readings..
  2. I hope not to bore you too dead…! Only have time today to redo this among many in my digital domain. I have carefully look into the issue a d found if the frequency mismatched. The DAC ASIO driver was set at 44.1k while mic ASIO driver was set at 48k and REW playing sweep at 192k….. I went to control panel and sorted out the settings there with unify all components into 192k 32bit. This is a sweep in 192k for left channel. Does look better on smoothing 1/24. I did the sweep from
  3. Sounds like I want to go there and try out. Issue is, Accuphase driver is only available for Windows. Furthermore, can it work with Roon direct from LAN port directly connecting between the two?
  4. Just checking the software you mentioned. I need to be sure if it going to work for me prior committing. Are you in Perth, @rand129678?
  5. Nice….! Ouch pricey. How do you find the HQPlayer OS? I run HQPlayer via WS2019 DC core in Ramdisk mode. Net iso is 7GB. will post screen shot tomorrow morning. That laptop doesn’t have Roon install. Only REW and umik-2 driver and along Accuphase DC-950 driver.
  6. Thanks @rand129678 What version of HQPlayer are you currently using? Do you install Roon and HQPlayer in same server? What platform of OS? Have you try HQPlayer OS? I am having issue with HQPlayer 3.25.6 that pcm with 96khz or 88.2khz didn’t work for me. 44.1k or 48khz seem fine.
  7. Thanks! A family of four with two growing young men. 😁 I really am enjoying it. Yum yum!!
  8. Home cook meal tonight Guys…! I thought of doing my bits by staying home with voluntary lockdown here in Perth. Lamb shanks are in the oven…, while this Le Sol is temporarily entertaining the host…
  9. Evil, what are those speakers? I love CJ pre.. A fews had gone through my time. I used to own CT6, ET3, ET5, and ET 5 2nd. Not anywhere at your level. Must sound very natural. @todagt is in Sydney now? Mate you are all over places and hard to keep track. I suppose this lockdown, isn't affecting you? Trains need to still moving on I suppose? Keeping well mate. 🙏👍
  10. I think the sweeps might have previously been poorly done… I will try redo tomorrow from my laptop analogue output directly to preamps. Thanks for all your inputs…
  11. Absolutely Steve. Lucky me.., I scored 18. It was right on the opening.., Mark. Now am facing dilemma of sharing them to mates…! 😅
  12. It’s sad seeing us in lockdown… I vent this frustration on an under age grape juice. Courtesy to @mtf!
  13. I would like to keep them in digital domain prior to DAC, and filter is applying via HQPlayer as convolution. HQPlayer allows me to turn on and off Convolution as filter at ease and instantly on and off for quick observations. @Pasic007 - you are correct. Mostly poor integration. It sounded disjointed with overly emphasis the bottom region.
  14. Thanks guys.. SNA seems having issue last night hence I went to bed early…, 11pm, I think. I believe that I have my computer servers where I wanted to be after a decade of doing diy. At the same time 2010, I start using Audyssey for both two channels and theatre. I bought an external unit with rca, the only of what I can afford at time. I did appreciate little what it had done to my setup at that particular time… Though I found it was fantastic for movies (5 channels setup), not so much for 2 channels… With 2 channels, sonic seems unnatural. As the result, I flogged off dirt cheap to a guy
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