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  1. They are so inviting Steve. sorry I will have to miss out tonight, Gents. After last-night marathon, my system feels abit on the stop work protest! 🤪🥺😁
  2. Another night out! happy Friday…!
  3. Bloody vnese! 😫 I thought they are in a third World Country? Now it made sense..! They spent all their taxes into hifi! 😂🤭 You have got to pay me more visits more often…! It’s good idea to pay visit to substandard setup like mine so that you can appreciate your setup better with no further upgrade path!!! 😅🤣
  4. Correct. Brought the decanter and couple glasses of my own… Abit troublesome but worth the effort. Most average restaurants don’t facilitate good grape juice etiquette. 😅
  5. You love your juice underage! 🤭 JR is my favourite…, can’t do like you with consistency $300 grape juice(s) per night! 😩😍😎
  6. I felt empathy for @coeuslee! It must had been a difficult day/afternoon to have process that much goodness. I felt sympathy for myself not getting an invite to help out! Really sorry about that @coeuslee! Next time - you can just text or call…, no matter how late of the notice…, I will prioritise…! 😩 I Promise!
  7. Some quiet times for myself…! Happy Sunday guys! No kids…., for few hours… hooray!
  8. Simple night out. This Sake was so yummy. It serves cold at a cost of $45 per 350ml. Anyone here knows where’s to get them in 1.8L?
  9. Took my other-half hostage today. Drove 55km away from the metro to a bushy Millbrook for a treat! Foods were great…, grape juice was ok.
  10. They truely are til date. I listened to some ultra high-end speakers, made these fantastically great values.
  11. I think it’s at peak…, must have tasted amazing! 😋 Do have any 407 in that year? I can help you dumping them.. they must be undrinkable now…! 🤪
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