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  1. Thanks. Yep already have 2 nvme drives. Just looking for big storage
  2. I wish. I haven't been lucky enough to listen to them before so I'd need a trip to Sydney and I'd have to sell my Paradigm's which I don't know if I could do...
  3. Thank you very much. A lot to think about.
  4. @ThirdDrawerDown thank you very much. I'll definitely have a read on that site. Interesting to know with drives. Will have to look into the reliability of bigger drives but I really would like to have all my stuff on 2 drives if possible rather than the multiple 2tb drives I have now. Yeah will do it myself. Already threw a few in that I had laying around and put a Noctua CPU cooler so am kinda handy I was going off this and a few other pages. Might look on YouTube too https://www.techradar.com/au/news/10-best-internal-desktop-and-laptop-hard-disk-drives-2016
  5. Thanks. Is there much benefit of the extra outlay though? I have 2 spare bays in my desktop. Any ideas for just in the pc?
  6. Hi all Looking to buy 2 larger capacity HDDs and would appreciate some suggestions. Probably 6 or 8tb to be installed into a desktop PC. Want one to be 1 drive I can access and store everything like music, videos, documents, photos and 1 will be a copy that I will turn off. Don't really think a NAS is necessary but open to it. I did a little reading and WD blue and a Toshiba are recommended for budget storage. Thanks
  7. Thank you. Hopefully it helps the poster and other newbies
  8. I'm sure they will sell quickly but would it be so hard for the xo to be fed with 1 channel per side or is it a complete new xo needed? Did red spade ship with all the packaging needed? Maybe just the packaging could be ordered and sent to you for courier to collect all from your door? Cheers
  9. Sorry for my confusion. It still requires 4 amp channels with the passive xo? No packaging to ship? Thanks
  10. I liked Plinius with everything. Van Den Hul analogue cables did tame them a little
  11. The only brand of watch I want to own. Good luck
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