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  1. P8 👍 I have one, upgraded from RP3 with Groovetracer Sub Platter and Delrin platter. A decent upgrade but not out of this world. RP3 with those upgrades is pretty epic.
  2. Cool! I’ll give it a try. I have a sequel feeding all 3. Cheers!
  3. Good to hear. I have the Sirius and sequel cables to integrated amp and phono stage. So you don’t plug your power amp to the Sirius, just straight to the wall? I have considered upgrading cables?
  4. Nah I haven’t, but seriously thinking about it!
  5. https://theretro.co.uk This looks pretty cool.
  6. I subscribe to Vinyl Me Please, I really like it. Good pressings and has gotten me into stuff I may not have with out it. I subscribe to Essentials, Classics and Country. You can swap your monthly record for something else if you don’t want it.
  7. Hi Everyone, Looking for a pair of Olympica 3 or 2’s in walnut if anyone is looking to sell? Preferably in Victoria. Cheers. Cam
  8. Item: Sonus Faber - Olympica 3 or 2 in Walnut Price Range: market value Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: Preferably in Victoria Looking for some Olympica 3’s or 2’s in Walnut Cheers!
  9. Hey Mate, I have the Elicit R with Aria Mk2, cartridge is VDH - The Frog Gold and had VDH - DDT and sounds epic on the P8.
  10. Very good food for thought! That's why I did originally think of upgrading amp to suck every last bit of the speaker out. Thanks for your help, I'll keep doing my research and speaking to different people
  11. Thanks Guys! Looking at Speakers as I have been told that is a good way to go about it moving forward. I did originally think of upgrading my Amp, but got told I should look at speakers and work back from there, which I think is a pretty good idea Get the best speakers I can ( plan to have them for years ) then go down the chain from there. I upgraded from the Rp3 to the P8 last year and don't have any intention of upgrading the turntable in the foreseeable future, I will definitely upgrade the Cartridge and phono stage in the next few years though.
  12. Hi All, The plan this year is to upgrade my speakers. Current setup is - Sonus Faber Venere 2.5, Rega Elicit R, Rega Aria, Rega P8, VDH DDT Thoughts are going to the Oylmpica’s either the 3’s or Nova 2’s. Don’t really want go with any other brands. A couple of pairs of 3’s sold last year for 10k on the classifieds which is a bit cheaper then the $16k for the nova 2’s, not exactly sure what to do, as the 3’s are a bigger speaker ( also prefer the look of 3’s then nova’s ) and moving forward this would be best but would my Elicit R power them? Is the techn
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