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  1. Yes. I have a Wand tonearm with a low slung mass as part of its uni-pivot design. It has quite a large difference in tracking force for relatively small differences in VTA that occur with different record thicknesses.. I have the data somewhere but for a given counterweight position it tracks 'thick records at 2.2 gms and thin records at 1.8gms. This variation is more than the' sine theta' error from just the difference in vertical component for just the difference in arm angle. Luckily, it hasn't cause much of an issue with my AT33ptgii cart.
  2. I remember you used your significant skills to once build an rpi with a touch screen. Maybe a different server environment for that unit if you still have it floating around?
  3. Once I got a Roon server up and run my SBTs via enhanced usb output, I'm finding the SBTs are still relevant for me. What I particularly like is the fact that while playing Roon Radio when cooking with messy hands, I can skip tracks using the original SBT IR remote rather than the Roon interface on my phone.
  4. I've done the shift linkage... And coolant flush, thermostat, thermofan switch, oil pump orings,, oil/filter and straight through headers Instead of rattly catalyst. I sucked 5kg of dust out of the interior, scrubbed and detailed it, then removed a snotrag that was stuck in the heater fan. Once I changed fuses and resistor bank on the fan motor, the fan worked then dumped another 5kg of dirt all over my newly cleaned interior out through the vents. I still love it. It is fun though, the more you drive them, the more you notice stuff wrong with them, the more you fix them, then the more you enjoy them! Just like tweaking Hifi!
  5. Yes. And low range 4wd! It gets loads of mulch down the block and gets back up my 25 percent grade muddy slope... No worries mate!
  6. Sorry guys, I haven't driven my M135i for a while since buying this. It is surprisingly addictive. No seat belt warning bells, no power steering, no brakes, no power - just carby-fed fun at any speed. It looks tough lugging some aussie-made products! Strewth, I'm talkun' different too!
  7. Just last week, I was chatting to Swervedriver's live audio engineer in the UK (he originally hailed from ADL and is back here now for covid). He amazingly still has all of his hearing. I reckon they and MBV were the loudest bands I'd ever seen. I know there'd be some louder bands around but I'd never seen anything as loud in this genre. My ears would distort so much that I could only seperate one guitar from the other if shoved my fingers tightly into my ears!
  8. Without looking it up, I'd guess Comforts of madness is quite a rare and valuable record.
  9. I also wouldn't have put them in that shoe gaze box. In fact I got to hang out with them when they toured Aus (our bass player at the time played with them during his trip to the States) . I'm not sure what box I'd put them in after meeting them that night.
  10. Antonio Sanchez doing some of my favourite 'comping" just after the queued point on this track. Overall, I'm finding this 1 day recording a great Metheny moment. It reminded me of when I drove to Melbourne to see him just do a basic guitar quartet with Western Australia' s Linda Oh and Simcock on keys. It was the first week in March 2020 when Melbourne had half a dozen Covid cases and we didn't truly know what was coming next.
  11. ... Found it... Via Google as SNA searches only 1 year old.
  12. I selected a thin client with a dedicated graphics chip. Tricked the windows 7 embedded to keep its cache so I could install programs, and used it for 3 years as a Roon server, ran Kodi. And even ran a 'demo' version of J River. It was sometimes fun watching its Ram Max out but it never missed a beat. It had a 32 GB. Flash drive that used to fill up with Roon cache files occasionally that I would have to prune away to keep it going. I popped all of the instructions in a thread titled "Cheaper than a raspberry pi" that I used as a record of what I did but SNA has pruned it too! I can find it in the "activity streams I started" any more.....
  13. Thanks all for the overwhelming interest in it but Ive decided not to sell at this time.
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