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  1. Today's courier delivery from RedEye Records. Took 6 weeks for this to arrive but well worth the wait.
  2. I’m a Rega fan but I can’t help but think that they really are a bit new to the MC game, especially when you compare them to Ortofon. As a case in point, I had 8 Apheta carts (eight, that’s not a typo) that needed to be returned and were replaced under warrantee. I got the feeling that the Apheta II was just the Apheta I with better QA. I didn’t hang around to find out whether the Apheta III was an actual upgrade. I went to a company that has serious pedigree when it comes to MC cartridge manufacture and haven’t looked back.
  3. I haven't laughed so much in ages, thanks @audiofeline Perhaps I'll buy the Zazen and use it as a chopping board., then take a trip to IKEA... @evil c thanks for the tip. I've been aware the supports under the marble plinth could be better but I've been procrastinating. What I really want is a proper equipment rack but we're talking big bucks. Perhaps your suggestion would be a good interim measure.
  4. After seeing a post on a Rega Facebook group about the wonders of the Zazen turntable isolation platform, I hit up my local dealer for a trial of one. I put on several tracks from quiet acoustic to heavy bass, rock and jazz. I got my wife to assist by doing quick A/B comparisons, helping me slip the platter in and out and listening to the first 30seconds of the same track, over and over. She’s no audiophile but she certainly has good hearing so has in the past been helpful in confirming my confirmation bias. On this occasion she declared (as did I) that she heard absolutely no discernible
  5. Further information: No longer available Mofi pressing. Gatefold sleeve EX Vinyl EX - apart from one tiny visible and audible scratch on the opening seconds of Gone Hollywood. It accounts for a few seconds of the blank track and about 15 seconds of the quiet opening section. The rest of the album is in perfect condition. Priced accordingly with postage included. Photos:
  6. Further information: I have a terminal case of upgrade-itus and am going to have a go with valves for the next step on my audio journey. From the near legendary stables of Nelson Pass, I present for sale my XP-10 Line Level Preamplifier. It presents as new, is fully functional, no problems or issues have been encountered. It comes with the remote (which doubles as a lethal weapon) milled out of a solid piece of aluminum. I have the original box and can ship if needed. Specifications Overall Gain = -65 dB to +10 dB Volume Steps = 83 Remote = Yes Inputs
  7. No my tubes, but a set I have been fortunate enough to borrow for a while - the Prima Luna EVO 400. I’ve tried my solid state pre with the EVO 400 power, EVO 400 pre/power combo, and finally I’m running the EVO 400 pre with my solid state power. It’s been a fascinating experiment and I’m extremely lucky to have had the opportunity to play with such a beautiful amp. Overall, I think the tube pre with my SS power gives the best result. I’m getting beautiful midrange, forward vocals and some good slam and control in the bass department. Some typical rounding off of the hard edges and
  8. The Windfeld Ti is a very low output cart. How much gain is your phono stage giving you? It might be that your woes start here.
  9. Further information: One Evo Premier in original box, C13 and Oz plug. As new condition, 1.5m. Price includes postage. Photos:
  10. Well yes. However I was endeavoring to save a bit of time here ?
  11. I was late to cable game and in particular, power cables. It was the last thing I upgraded. I replaced the standard supplied cable on my power amp with an Isotek Premier and was floored by what I heard. I went straight back to the shop a purchased several more, same day, so I’m happy to ignore the noise (pardon the pun). That was over a year ago and I’ve since picked up some Ice Age which I’m happy with but an opportunity to try a couple of others presented itself. Thanks for your suggestion.
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