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  1. You can use this but you will need a suitable player. https://www.stereophile.com/content/geerfab-audio-dbob-digital-breakout-box
  2. Thanks, I'm rearranging my room and will use this as a starting point. Cheers T.
  3. Very nice Chanh.. Can you tell me how far off the wall your speakers are (front face of speaker) and the distance from your speakers to your seating position please? Cheers T
  4. First thing I would do is to remover the Jitterbug that's in the chain. I feel they offer nothing and it's just another link. The rest of your gear is quality, and Chord's USB implementation is very good.
  5. I have the Matrix Element X and the Chord TT2 with M-Scaler. Bang for buck I find the Matrix very good value especially with everything else it brings to the table, Roon Ready, Streamer, etc. For outright performance the TT2 is better as a Dac and a Headphone amplifier over the Matrix. I have heard very good things about the Questyle. The cans I have are hd650, hd800s and lcd3f. I'm not that much of a Head-fi guy so I'm sure others will offer some better advise.
  6. Hi Guys M6 too big for your room Brodricj?
  7. Nice work guys. The final results look amazing and I bet it sounds great also! One happy customer I’m sure.
  8. Welcome anytime mate. My stezza wont be up to your standards tbh. haha
  9. Another question if you don’t mind. This is one of my favourite reds. I’m told that this should really be opened within 10yrs as it doesn’t cellar well. Any of you guys can give me your opinions? I have a few cases so I do t won’t it to spoil. I very much like their Riesling (polish hill) but it leaves me rough! Haha
  10. When’s the best time to crack these out?
  11. I'll fight you for the mk2 for $20k
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